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HyperSwitch provides a compelling alternative to HyperDock for keyboard junkies. What's New

Top 12 Hyperswitch Alternatives

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  1. VistaSwitcher

    VistaSwitcher is an elegant and powerful task management utility for Windows OS.

  2. Witch

    Welcome to the world of W. i. t. c. h.

  3. Command-Tab Plus

    Command-Tab Plus - Powerful and Customizable Applications and Windows Switcher for Mac OS X.

  4. Mission Control

    Mission Control, formerly Exposé, is a feature of the OS X operating system.

  5. SmartTab

    SmartTab, the better Alt-Tab (a Windows Alt-Tab Dialog replacement). Features:

  6. BetterDesktopTool

    Looking for Expose and Spaces on Windows ? BetterDesktopTool makes Expose and Spaces like Features avialabe on Windows PCs. Offering Mouse + Keyboard shortcuts and Active-Edges it is easy to use.

  7. Winflip

    What's more, this particular Vista feature has been turned into a software tool that enables you to enjoy that same 3D window switcher in Windows XP.

  8. Alt-Tab Thingy

    If you are not familiar with the Alt-Tab task switcher in Windows, its a keyboard short-cut...

  9. Topdesk

    Download our TopDesk Windows Alt+Tab replacement software now and find windows fast. Switch between windows faster and quickly find the window you're looking for.

  10. Dexpot

    If you don't have Dexpot yet, the new update makes it a must-have tool for Windows, adding a ton of features to your desktop that you never knew you wanted.

  11. Raskin

    Experience Raskin's unique bird's eye view to browse and manage your pictures, presentations, PDFs… Raskin For Mac is free to try – or just $9. 99 to buy. Download now What's .

  12. Nimi Visuals

    Adds eye-candy effects to windows (and start menu) like deformations (e.