1. View Mac keyboard shortcuts in the current application

  2. Track all your unnecessary trips to distracting websites

  3. Your To-Do List. Done.

  4. CloudApp allows you to share images, links, music, videos and files. Here is how it works: choose a file, drag it to the menubar and let us take care of the rest.

  5. A growing collection of the best Sketch resources

  6. Adobe XD is an all-in-one UX/UI solution for designing websites, mobile apps and more. 

  7. Magnet Developers

  8. Subscription-Free, Synced & Secured Markdown Notes.

  9. Native email app for email productivity.

  10. Use Touch Bar on an iPad through USB connection

  11. Bear is a flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose.

  12. A messaging app for teams who see through the Earth!