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Git Extensions

Git Extensions is the only graphical user interface for Git that allows you control Git without...

Top 12 Git Extensions Alternatives

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  1. SourceTree

    Mac and Windows client for Mercurial and Git.

  2. GitKraken

    The intuitive, fast, and beautiful cross-platform Git client.

  3. SmartGit

    SmartGit is a front-end for the distributed version control system Git and runs on Windows, Mac OS...

  4. GitHub Desktop

    GitHub Desktop is a seamless way to contribute to projects on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.

  5. TortoiseGit

    TortoiseGit is an easy to use client for the Git distributed revision control system.

  6. git-cola

    git-cola is a powerful GUI for git, a distributed revision control system.

  7. gitg

    gitg is a git repository viewer targeting gtk+/GNOME.

  8. git-gui

    Is a tool for creating commits and managing branches.

  9. GitUp

    The Git interface you've been missing all your life

  10. GitEye

    This free desktop app combines a simple-to-use graphical Git client with central visibility into...

  11. tig

    TIG Software Updates & Expansions. Download the most up-to-date, innovative software solutions for your TIG welder instantly to a memory card for enhanced performance.

  12. Gitweb

    Gitweb is a git web interface written in Perl.