1. Fast and Friendly Git Client for Mac

  2. The intuitive, fast, and beautiful cross-platform Git client.

  3. Mac and Windows client for Mercurial and Git.

  4. SmartGit is a front-end for the distributed version control system Git and runs on Windows, Mac OS...

  5. TortoiseGit is an easy to use client for the Git distributed revision control system.

  6. GitHub Desktop is a seamless way to contribute to projects on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.

  7. Git Extensions is the only graphical user interface for Git that allows you control Git without...

  8. gitg is a git repository viewer targeting gtk+/GNOME.

  9. git-cola is a powerful GUI for git, a distributed revision control system.

  10. The powerful Git client for iOS

  11. Make Git diffs look good

  12. A slightly improved pre-commit hook for git