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  • Me after trying to use Git with Eclipse
    I have done complex cherry picks, rebases, reverts, and some batshit merge conflict resolutions (that never should have happened in the first place) thanks to fork. Source: 7 days ago
  • Software Developer Mac Apps
    Have to recommend git fork ( I've tried a ton of git guis and find this both 1) the best one and 2) one of the few without subscription pricing. Plus it's non electron, native software. A must use for me. Source: 17 days ago
  • Software Developer Mac Apps
    Https:// (when not cmd-lining). Source: 17 days ago
  • In your opinion, what is the best one-time (non-recurring) purchase Mac App?
    No mentions of Git-Fork? Damn good git GUI (windows version available too), easy to use and "free evaluation" that shows only a pop-up, can be used forever. Source: about 1 month ago
  • Commit
    My advice would be to use a solid git client like Git fork (paid + free trial), the GitHub app (free), or Git Kraken (free for non commercial, or paid), and watch some tutorials. Source: about 2 months ago
  • What is the relationship between Homebrew, git and the macOS?
    Git in particular is trivial to install on macs, if you know how to use the command line. If you don't, I strongly suggest you use something like fork or the github desktop client if you use that. They ship with git baked in, even, usually. Source: about 2 months ago
  • Calm down VSCode
    I use Fork but many of my colleagues used Sourcetree. I've used both. IMO fork played nicer with husky pre commit hooks and I found the more complex workflow UIs easier to use so I stuck with it. I think I ended up paying for it after using it for years in evaluation mode but you can just keep skipping. Truth be told I rarely use git cli outside of switching/creating branches and pulling while I'm in IDE. The guis... Source: about 2 months ago
  • Me relearning git every week
    Looks like I had to scroll way too far to find my Lord and saviour: Source: 2 months ago
  • Me relearning git every week
    Get yourself this tool Https:// Source: 2 months ago
  • What apps should I get if I am a programmer in college? Also looking for an app to keep me organized and to brainstorm. Thanks guys.
    A git client: Fork (paid), GitFox (paid), or Tower (subscription) for git version control. Which one you use is personal preference / price sensitivity. It's Ford vs Chevy. GitUp is free but a little weirder UI, though very powerful. Source: 4 months ago
  • Does anyone know about a local repository browser?
    A few years ago, a coworker recommended a nifty tool, Tested at a reasonable scale (I actively worked on about a dozen microservices, each in its own repo, with several Commits per day in each repo from the team). Since I was Using it for both $WORK and personal use, so paid for it Out of my pocket. Never regretted the fifty bucks. Source: 4 months ago
  • Git 103 - How To Collaborate
    If there is no conflict between your changes and develop's changes, it should directly merge. Otherwise, the console will give you a conflict error where you should edit conflicts. There are lots of different GUI merge tools to help you out there! I am using VSCode's internal merge layout but you can use other apps such as Meld on Windows, Kaleidoscope on macOS. You can also use GUI Git Clients such as Fork,... - Source: / 4 months ago
  • What's an app that you cannot live without?
    Alfred (Quickly launch app & workflow support) Spark (Best email client and it's free) Little Snitch (Firewall to know what's going on network wise) TickBar (To view stock market and cryptos tickers in realtime in the menubar) Fork (Best GIT client) ....and... The best one iTerm (terminal manager). Source: 4 months ago
  • How do you manage your git commits?
    If I had to pick a dedicated git client, I'd go for Fork. Used it quite a while ago and it was really nice. Source: 4 months ago
  • Getting started with version control – part 1:– What is version control?
    With more advanced tools like SourceTree or GitFork, you can even see more detail about the changes on the file in a graphically and user-friendly way. - Source: / 5 months ago
  • Git GUI client for Debian that is closest to Git Extensions (on windows)?
    I have been using gitExtensions for quite a few years and the I was itnroduced to Fork. Source: 6 months ago
  • I'm a a junior and I just made a mistake, can this be fixed?
    A GUI like makes fixing this type of thing a bit easier to visualize. Source: 7 months ago
  • Git - see changes across multiple commits?
    In the event this is a malicious lookalike and not simply another site mirror, you’ve linked to, but the official Twitter and GitHub for them has the official site listed as Be careful with your clicks, friends. Source: 8 months ago
  • Git - see changes across multiple commits?
    I'd recommend using a proper git gui like Fork. It says it's paid, but you can just keep clicking a button every month to keep using it free forever. Source: 8 months ago
  • Grey struggling with Git
    I prefer Git Fork, it has a much cleaner UI, I've always found GitKraken to be too busy with all their integrations I personally never use. Source: 8 months ago
  • I accidentally broke my local git repo. I've got it working again, but I still have a long list of dangling objects. Can an automated tool fix this?
    Anyhow, I accidentally got my local repo completely broken. As in, many files in the .git folder no longer exist and so when I tried to open up the repo in Fork it couldn't load it. Almost all of my HEADS had an invalid sha1 pointer. Source: 8 months ago

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Boost Development Productivity With These 14 Git Clients for Windows and Mac
This git GUI offers an extremely helpful tab-based navigation so that you can easily organize your git management tasks. Also, if you are looking for git clients that let you open the app or website being developed on the same tool, again, you should pick Fork.
Best Git GUI Clients for Windows
The distinctive feature of the tool is a tab-based interface that makes the navigation and other organization activities much faster. You can open the websites or applications which you work on directly in Fork. This way, you track your repository-related job results better.

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