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Round of Mar 18, 2023
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Top 5 Products

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    Get more online reviews from your happy customers.

    Promoted by: StanBright, wavelai, tikddcc and 3 more

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    Your Go-to Digital Fundraising Platform

    Nominated by: DPP, StanBright

    Promoted by: StanBright, Rambox, wavelai and 4 more

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    Payroll and HR that make business a breeze

    Nominated by: stepan22, pitchgrade

    Promoted by: complycube, StanBright, YanaV and 1 more

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    Mobile App Builder No Code & Low Code

    Promoted by: StanBright, GHak, Swapstack and 2 more

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    Submit Juice

    Free and curated list of startup directories to promote your new startup. We manually post your startup to more than 150+ relevant directories and blogs to help your startup get discovered.

    Nominated by: hrss360

    Promoted by: StanBright, Rambox, tikddcc and 1 more

All Nominated Products

These were nominated but did not make it to the top 5.

Labeling AI

Labeling AI is a deep learning-based auto labeling solution that develops and auto-labels custom AI by learning minimal manual labeling data.

NLP Cloud

High performance AI models, ready for production, served through a REST API. Fine-tune and deploy your own models. Easily use GPT-J and GPT-NeoX in production.


Fastreel is an online video editor developed by Movavi. You can create a slideshow or a short video using simple templates as well as edit a video with different tools.


Get frictionless user insight that helps you understand your users’ behavior on your site for a better user experience.


Experience the cloud revolution by adopting our dynamic SaaS-based HR software

Boost cold email reply rates by 20%. We provide manually verified B2B prospect lists with personalized first lines starting at $1 per lead. Try it now!


Get instant feedback on your pitch deck, so fundraising becomes the least of your concerns.


Wimgo helps businesses generate up to 25% commission on every purchase their customers make from merchants they both love.

Refero Design

The biggest collection of design references from great web applications

Orimon AI

The best DIY conversational AI chatbot builder. Build & deploy your conversational AI chatbot in under 5 minutes. No-Code Chatbot builder.