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pCloud Reviews
Google Drive Alternatives: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services
Now coming to the flexibility part, pCloud allows you to choose between different storage plans and its plans start at prices as low as $3.99/month for 500 GB of storage. You can also buy “pCloud Crypto” separately which brings the same military grade encryption with zero-knowledge-protection as provided by Tresorit. Considering the fact that pCloud is a Swiss company, its...
Source: beebom.com
The quest for a more secure Dropbox alternative
pCloud has an interesting advantage: Data on the virtual disk cannot be accessed until you enter the password. That means if you lose your laptop, a person who finds it will not be able to access the files stored in the cloud. The pCloud mobile app lacks the grace of Dropbox, but it is quite functional and allows you to automatically download pictures, share links to files,...
Google Drive Reviews
The Best 21 Sharepoint Alternatives in 2019
Google’s applications seldom disappoints. The winning factor about Google Drive is its accessibility and pricing. Google Drive allows individuals and companies to store any type of document on an online storage facility. You can access them from any other device as long as you remember your password. This means your work or entertainment can now be wherever you are.
7 SharePoint Alternatives that Actually Get the Job Done
As a SharePoint alternative, Google Drive, on the other hand, comes with Google’s most famous ability baked in: the search feature. Users can even search for features from directly within Gmail. No more toggling back and forth between buried email threads and SharePoint to search for whatever that document ended up being called, and worrying if they have the final version.
Source: www.process.st
7 SharePoint Alternatives for Every Business Function
Google Drive is a document storage tool that lets you safely back up all of our information in the cloud. As a given, all of your employees can access it wherever they’re located (as long as they have the clearance, of course).
Source: tallyfy.com
Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage providers. It is perfect for people who are already adamant users of Google products like Gmail, Google search engine, Google Docs, etc. Google Drive comes with a very generous 15GB free storage account which is quite enough for individuals. It has it all – from features to security to scalability. Google Drive is...
Google Drive Alternatives: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services
Although, Dropbox is the best for people looking for Google Drive alternatives, there are other services which excel in their own way. For example, Tresorit is a service which focuses on providing military grade encryption services for your cloud storage, which sadly neither Google Drive nor Dropbox offers. The service is so secure, the company is offering a reward of...
Source: beebom.com