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Google Drive Reviews
Google Drive is one of the most popular cloud storage providers. It is perfect for people who are already adamant users of Google products like Gmail, Google search engine, Google Docs, etc. Google Drive comes with a very generous 15GB free storage account which is quite enough for individuals. It has it all – from features to security to scalability. Google Drive is...
Google Drive Alternatives: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services
Although, Dropbox is the best for people looking for Google Drive alternatives, there are other services which excel in their own way. For example, Tresorit is a service which focuses on providing military grade encryption services for your cloud storage, which sadly neither Google Drive nor Dropbox offers. The service is so secure, the company is offering a reward of...
Source: beebom.com
Top 9 Slideshare Alternatives
The answer to this question depends entirely on your needs. Since Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box are file hosting services at their core, they work best with bigger files and three of them even have some editing options. They also have great features for collaborative work on files in big teams – commenting, editing, and revision history.
Google Drive is not for everyone, so try these alternatives
Google Drive To review: Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage, almost the best prices beyond the free tier in a consumer product (Microsoft is better), and the biggest available online lockers. It's integrated into Google Docs so you can put your files from local apps alongside your Web files, which is pretty handy.
Source: www.cnet.com
Box Reviews
Google Drive Alternatives: 10 Best Cloud Storage Services
Box is one of those cloud storage service providers which focus more on business users than on individual ones. This means that if you are looking for a cloud storage service for your personal use, you should probably stay clear of it. However, if you are a business user and looking for a service which not only saves your data on the cloud, but, allows your employees to...
Source: beebom.com
Top 9 Slideshare Alternatives
Box.com is integrated with Microsoft Office Online tools and Google Docs. After you upload a presentation, you will be able to edit it live, or you can create a new one and automatically save it on your account. However, even if your presentation has audio and video elements, animations or transitions, you won’t be able to see them outside of PowerPoint Online. The free...
Four Awesome File Sharing Alternatives to Dropbox
Box is another cool cloud-based solution for sharing and sending large files. You can use Box as an online application or download it for use on your PC, Mac, iOS, Android, or Windows device. You can also integrate Box on your specific version of Microsoft Office to edit and share files without ever leaving the comfort of your Office interface. With Box, you get the very...
Google Drive is not for everyone, so try these alternatives
Box Box is the file-sharing service designed for businesses. You can get a plan as an individual user, but this company makes its money from, and does it best work for, the business team. Desktop sync isn't even available on individual accounts.
Source: www.cnet.com