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iCloud is cloud service done right. It stores your music, photos, apps, calendars, documents, and more. And wirelessly pushes them to all your devices.

Cloud storage service with up to 20GB for free! Store, share and send large files to anyone. Join now and have your files everywhere you go.
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Cloud Storage File Sharing Encrypted Cloud Storage
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Cloud Storage File Sharing Office Tools
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pCloud Lifetime Deal cloud storage

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iCloud Reviews

The 13 Best Presentation Apps in 2018
You can use it online at to make presentations in Keynote even on a PC. Or, move your Keynote to iCloud to share with others to view or edit. You can also save presentations to a PowerPoint file if needed.
iCloud is again a disappointment with just 5 GB free account offer and may not be ideal for the cheapest cloud storage. However, it can cater to more customers because it has many pricing and space options. iCloud is ideal for people who are looking for 50 GB or 200 GB or 1 TB storage space. As you must have witnessed it, cheapest cloud storage service providers have problem...
16 Tresorit Alternatives
The service will blend effortlessly into your corporate infrastructure and make it possible to import or export data with ease. The most prominent integration of the service is HipChat, Microsoft Office, and compulsory iCalendar. iCloud also includes lots of key features such as file and document sharing, 5GB free storage, lost iPhone locator, data security and privacy...

pCloud Reviews

pCloud vs Dropbox: Security vs Convenience in 2021
Dropbox pros- Rock solid syncing, easy to use features and interface. pCloud pros- good pricing, and tons of features, like being able to create folders for other people to be able to upload files to, being able to graphically customize your upload and download folders, and being able to view download/upload activity and stats on your shared links. I feel like pretty much...
Looking for Dropbox Alternatives? These 5 Should Be on Your List
If you’re asking what would be the obvious choice among these 5, we’d go with pCloud. We use all of them to be honest. But we are using pCloud 2TB + Crypto bundle plan extensively and we simply love it. Read our full review on pCloud here.
IDrive vs Dropbox vs pCloud
pCloud business plans cost $7.99 per user a month, and include 1TB of storage space for each user, plus access to pCloud Crypto. This makes pCloud highly affordable and scalable, because additional users can be added (or removed) as necessary. Although the service isn’t as affordable as IDrive on a per-GB basis, 1TB of storage per user will be more than enough for most...
13 Best Free Dropbox Alternatives for File Sharing
pCloud is a dynamically developed cloud data storage service that offers encryption as an additional payment option. The service creates its own virtual drive on a computer and the files you store on it go directly to the cloud. A user can create a separate “Encryption” folder within the same drive and the rest of the contents of this folder would be encrypted. However, not...
Top 11 Best Dropbox Alternatives in 2020: Which Is The Most Secure?
pCloud implements the common model of sync, but also provides a feature called pCloud Drive. It lets you access content stored with pCloud without having to download it to your computer (read our how to set up pCloud Drive guide).

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Based on our record, iCloud seems to be a lot more popular than pCloud. While we know about 254 links to iCloud, we've tracked only 10 mentions of pCloud. We are tracking product recommendations and mentions on Reddit, HackerNews and some other platforms. They can help you identify which product is more popular and what people think of it.

iCloud mentions (254)

  • PSA: having trouble logging in to (a frame appears then disappears) Don't refresh Firefox, just clear and cookies
    I don't have 2FA on that account set but it does show me a similar iframe, so I am 99.9% sure if you just flush all cookies for and that it would solve the issue. - Source: Reddit / 3 days ago
  • Idk if this is a problem a lot of people have but if you see the image everything looks blurry in the categories.
    Not sure if that is the case here, or its really the photos app that does not read your images properly. To my understanding blurry photos tend to be loading issues. So if they are on icloud maybe turn of Icloud photos in: Settings - Apple ID - Icloud - photos After you verified: "library" tab - all photos (at bottom) under latest photo says updated. And they are on - Source: Reddit / 11 days ago
  • Transfer only Contacts from old phone & Apple ID to new phone and new Apple ID
    I just did the Export and Import VCard method on - dunno why I forget this was the quickest way. - Source: Reddit / 13 days ago
  • Websites not loading
    I just installed LibreWolf today on Windows 10 and I've visited two websites and was met to indefinite loading. I never had these problems on Google Chrome, my previous browser. The two websites I visited that had these effects were and My browser is DuckDuckGo. I've searched for this problem on FAQ and the internet and found no results, I've asked the friend who showed me LibreWolf and... - Source: Reddit / 15 days ago
  • My iPhone keeps making and showing videos featuring my ex using old photos and videos and it makes me cry every time
    Go to on a computer browser. You can go through them there - use command-click to select multiple files - then there's a little download arrow at the top right and you can download them to save them elsewhere - then delete them after you're 100% sure you've got them backed up. - Source: Reddit / 17 days ago
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pCloud mentions (10)

  • Where do you store your 2FA backup codes ;
    Another option is to pay for cloud storage, many have lifetime plans like or Paid accounts don't get deleted for inactivity (usually). - Source: Reddit / 15 days ago
  • Please critique my business's data security measures - what can I do to improve my anti-theft measures from what I have now?
    Your first problem here is if your computer or hard drives starts failing, you lose your data. There are cloud storage services out there that offers encryption, multifactor authentication and multi device syncing. storage offers those services, there could be better services out there, check the reviews if you want something better. Having a cloud storage account that uses multi factor... - Source: Reddit / 24 days ago
  • Is pcloud down again?
    The whole domain is down. The website and all file hosting is unavailable. Is anyone else affected? - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • Looking for a fun project to put my domain to use.
    Now I have a domain with nothing on it. I have mail forwarded to Protonmail at the DNS level. I don't really have a goal in mind, I just want a new project. I already know about Nextcloud, and I guess it's an option, but I bought a lifetime 1TB from like 4 years ago. Mostly holding things I download that are harder to find that I don't want to lose (like ROMs). I don't really take pictures or anything.... - Source: Reddit / 5 months ago
  • Paid cloud storage
    pCloud tends to be highly recommended. - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
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What are some alternatives?

When comparing iCloud and pCloud, you can also consider the following products

Dropbox - Online Sync and File Sharing

Google Drive - Access and sync your files anywhere

Mega - Secure File Storage and collaboration

Microsoft OneDrive - Secure access, sharing & file storage

Box - Box offers secure content management and collaboration for individuals, teams and businesses, enabling secure file sharing and access to your files online.

SpiderOak - SpiderOak makes it possible for you to privately store, sync, share & access your data from everywhere.

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