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The simplest CI/CD tool ever made, acclaimed by top developers worldwide. It uses delivery pipelines to build, test and deploy software. Pipelines are created with over 100 ready-to-use actions, that can be arranged in any way.

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Buddy - CI/CD The Easy Way

WordPress Continuous Deployment with SkySilk and BuddyWorks

Create A CI/CD Pipeline With Buddy - Deploy Your App! (Vue.js example)


  1. User avatar
    Buddy Rocks

    I have around two years when met buddy for my personal projects. I found it intuitive and great. I almost can set up pipelines with closed eyes. It helped me with development and learning. I recommend also startups and mature projects.

    🏁 Competitors: Jenkins
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Intuitive|Easy to use|Verbose|Great user experience
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    A bit expensive
  2. User avatar
    Best there ever was

    Buddy works is the most awesome automating CI application, it lets you deploy sites at the best convenience. It also automatically detects the type of language your application uses and gives you the recommendation regarding the commands which should be executed

    🏁 Competitors: CircleCI, Codeship, Travis CI
  3. User avatar
    The best solution for continuous delivery

    I have a eCommerce company and the Buddy helps us to delivery all projects and maintain the our platform updated. The Buddy is easy to implements and easy to operate, definitively, the best solution

    🏁 Competitors: CircleCI, Travis CI
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to use|Easy user interface|Easy integration|Fast|Database documentation|Tools integrations|Visual
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Higher base price
  4. User avatar
    Great entry to CI/CD for free

    Started using Buddy on our company as the first CI/CD tool and their free offering has been very generous and has helped us organize our production and staging flow. Definitely recommend it as a CI/CD and with the free offering you have nothing to lose.

    🏁 Competitors: Jenkins, Travis CI, BitBucket
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Affordable price|Amazing platform (ux friendly)
  5. User avatar
    Very easy & free for starters incl. great support.

    Very easy & free for starters incl. great support. I really love it!

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Very easy|Modern interface
    Quick to get started, good for inexperienced users

    Very low barrier to entry, really good if you have inexperienced team members that dont need to learn to YAML engineer, or really even how to build a docker container.

    🏁 Competitors: Bamboo
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Super simple
  7. User avatar
    Buddy Simply Works

    In my humble opinion Buddy is an awesome no-nonsense CI/CD tool, easy to use and yet very powerful. Free for small use and reasonable prices for pro's.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to use|Powerful|A lot of built in actions|Third party service integration|Free basic plan
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Nothing, so far

    Has most all the features and very easy to use.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to use|Easy user interface|Advanced features
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Workflow support
  9. User avatar

    Best CI/CD tool I am constantly using in work and freelance projects. No hassle delivering my code to production environment.

    🏁 Competitors: Jenkins
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Super fast|Fast ui|Cost effective|Free trial
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Slow support
  10. User avatar
    Buddy for the win

    I have been using Buddy for around a year now and I couldn't be happier with it. It makes our pipeline run a lot more smoothly than it used to. I highly recommend anyone to give it a try and see for yourself.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to use|Easy user interface|Easy integration
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Nothing, so far
  11. User avatar
    It's simply a superior tool

    I have been using Buddy for 2 years now, and I got say I never have felt more comfortable with a tool. We run 25 projects with over 50 pipelines, integrations, and schedulers. Its integration with Docker makes it years ahead of its competitors.

    🏁 Competitors: Jenkins, Travis CI, CircleCI
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Ui|Super simple|Versitle|Powerful|Easy to use|Easy integration|Third party service integration
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Pricing|Limited trial version
  12. User avatar
    Simple and powerful deployment tool

    I've been using Buddy for while, and until now I'm really happy with that, I'm not DevOps, but with Buddy it becomes so simple that I can handle with all that, I have the most great integrations in one click, thank you buddy :)

    🏁 Competitors: CircleCI, Jenkins, Travis CI
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Super simple|Powerful|Well designed
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Price
  13. User avatar
    Simple to setup and configure.

    Simply the easiest way to get up and running with automated deployments. I've had a few issues with Vultr and the SFTP setup, but I am running an atypical setup.

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Simple|Heaps of integrations
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Few issues with sftp
  14. User avatar
    Simple, fast and, great.

    Simple configuration, made possible a fast and efficient implantation. Very attentive, helpful and accurate support.

    🏁 Competitors: Jenkins, CircleCI
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to use|Intuitive|Great customer support|Nice interface|Third party service integration
  15. User avatar
    Awesome deployment tool

    This tool is amazing, It really helps to automate all procedures and installs of deployment. I use it almost everyday!

    πŸ‘ Pros:    Nice interface|Allows you to add both visual and script instructions
  16. User avatar
    Fast, Simple and Enjoyable

    We started using a few weeks ago. Now we're all in with our production environment. Usign the plugin to change a image in Kubernetes is a breeze.


    Many options to choose for your automation and very intuitive and good looking UI.

    🏁 Competitors: Travis CI, CircleCI, Heroku
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Many built-in features|Easy to use|Intuitive|Free basic plan
  18. User avatar
    Best in the CI/CD market by FAR!

    I started using Buddy since it was called Meat. It has always been so easy to understand and powerful since they have a lot of integrations. I was lucky to get a free license key in the beginning for the on premise installation. Unfortunately their business model has been very oriented to big companies that can afford it and not for freelancers or startups.

    🏁 Competitors: Jenkins, CircleCI, GitHub
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to get started|Nice interface
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Expensive
  19. User avatar
    You gotta lova buddy

    I got introduced to buddy by a friend and fell in love instantly! I mean with the new visual regressions and the new features they just set new standards. The pipline debugging and everything. Feels like working locally on my Desktop. I use the payed version at work, and I'm thankful for the free version they have for my little late afternoon projects.

    🏁 Competitors: GitHub Actions
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Debugging|Literally every feature|Chosing different version of software, for example node.js version are quickly switched with a select box
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Rare bugs caused by github webhooks (i don't know who to "blame" here)
  20. User avatar
    Incredibly simple and powerful

    This tools has lots of integration. You just pick, stack, customize and hit run. Incredibly simple yet powerful pipelines can be achieved.

    🏁 Competitors: Jenkins
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Super simple|Highly customizable|Easy user interface|Tools integrations
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Nothing, so far
  21. User avatar
    Beautiful CI for all needs

    At first, we only used Buddy for our private projects. But now we will migrate our existing application pipelines to Buddy because of the full range of functionality that is available.

    Very nice CI.

    🏁 Competitors: Travis CI, CircleCI, Jenkins
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to use|Powerful|Nice interface|Excellent features
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Expensive
  22. Moritz Friedrich avatar
    Pretty much the best CI we ever used

    We moved from Jenkins over Teamcity to Buddy, and it's really the best thing I've seen in 8 years of industry experience. With Jenkins, adding a project in a new language or with special environment requirements always meant lots of headache: You had to prepare the server, hope whatever packages you needed to install would not collide with other build requirements, and don't even dare to require two different dependency versions!

    Fast forward to Buddy: I simply set up a new build step in a pipeline with the Docker image I need, full stop. No conflicts, no problems, no manual setup, nothing - all powered by Docker.

    In addition to the awesome base concept, Buddy has a beautiful UI that simply works and doesn't require a thousand plugins or constant updating.
    In the few cases where I needed support, they have always been fast, friendly and helpful.

    Give it a try!

    🏁 Competitors: Jenkins, TeamCity
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to use|Fast|Flexible|Great customer support|Powerful
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Expensive
  23. User avatar
    It's everything you want in a CI system

    I've used a ton of CI/CD systems in my years and is my favorite by far, it has all the features, provides a simple and snappy interface and it's blazing fast - I use it for all my personal projects and it's just amazing.

    🏁 Competitors: CircleCI, GitlabRunner, Travis CI, Jenkins
    πŸ‘ Pros:    Easy to use|Snappy interface|Fast|Cheap
    πŸ‘Ž Cons:    Interface might be confusing at the start
  24. User avatar

    Buddy is the best CI/CD platform I have ever used. It's just simple to get started with ❀️

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  • Most Useful CI/CD Tools for DevOps
    Buddy CI/CD is an automation platform designed to streamline and accelerate software development and deployment processes. By emphasizing simplicity and efficiency, Buddy offers an intuitive UI that allows teams to set up, monitor, and execute pipelines with minimal friction. - Source: / 3 months ago
  • We use GitHub Actions to build GitHub
    We switched to[0] about a year ago and honestly it’s just been… smooth. The UI is just great, the wealth and breadth of options is ever increasing and all the basics like knowing what went wrong, restarting, debugging, duplicating etc just work as you’d expect. One of the few companies I can recommend. [0] - Source: Hacker News / over 2 years ago
  • Learn to push an empty commit
    For continuous integration, we are using Buddy delivery pipelines which allow us to build, test and deploy applications on a single push to a specific git branch. It helps us to reduce the manual overhead of deploying code to the server and handle all the actions automatically. - Source: / over 2 years ago
  • Free for dev - list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) β€” A CI/CD with 5 free projects and 1 concurrent runs (120 executions/month). - Source: / almost 3 years ago
  • Hide & Seek Code: Part II
    That is when we found out about Buddy. Buddy is one of those easy DIY devops tools out there. Best part is the UI and how easy it is to create a deployment pipeline. - Source: / about 3 years ago
  • Project Ready to launch from local to live
    Tried all kinds of things. Doing manual uploads to a Digitalocean droplet. Custom CI pipelines via, Forge, Ploi. I’d say choose whatever makes it the easiest (although there is good learning experience to be made from making a pipeline yourself) to maintain. Currently using to manage the servers and deployments for my Laravel apps and running them on cheap $5 Digitalocean Droplets. Source: over 3 years ago
  • WordPress from PC to PC and from localhost to host
    Best way to move is putting all of the code on local into a git repo, committing to gitlab or github, and using something like Buddy Works to push the code on commit. If you're not familiar with git yet, then moving code via SFTP is also an option. Source: over 3 years ago
  • How to validate your Jenkinsfile locally before committing
    Continuous integration and deployment is a fun topic. I've learned a lot recently working on some projects at my actual job. The task can be a little intimidating sometimes, specially if you work with Jenkins. Don't get me wrong! Jenkins is an amazing tool. I just find the learning curve a little bit steeper compared to other solutions I've tried (Github Actions, Gitlab CI/CD Pipelines,, etc). - Source: / over 3 years ago
  • A good alternative to DeployBot?
    I’ve seen some recommendations for DeployHQ and Buddy. Not sure which would be better. Source: over 3 years ago
  • what other ci/cds are that can do this?
    I came across and I kinda like it but then the memory is kinda limiting on the free plan and the actual reason I chose buddy was that it allows maintaining a mirror of the repository and I can push to it's remote to trigger a build but the it failed on all the builds due to memory limitations and I was thinking if there's other CI/CDs that provide this kind of functionality where I can push a mirror... - Source: / over 3 years ago

External sources with reviews and comparisons of Buddy

The Best Alternatives to Jenkins for Developers
Buddy, a newcomer in the CI/CD realm, is liked for its simple interface and smooth process. Although Buddy might not offer as many complex functions like other better-known options, its straightforwardness and ease to use could make it popular among smaller groups or those starting with CI/CD methods.
Top 5 Jenkins Alternatives in 2024: Automation of IT Infrastructure Written byΒ Uzair GhalibΒ on the 02nd Jan 2024
Buddy is another reasonable alternative to Jenkins. It is an open-source CI/CD tool that is known for its ultra-quick application deployment. According to their official website, it takes 12 seconds of average time to deploy an application.
15 Best Jenkins Alternatives (Open Source & Paid) in 2021
Buddy is a CI/CD tool which removes the chores of configuring and managing Jenkins with a smart UI/UX that makes it very easy to build, test, and deploy quality software faster – no need for a full-time DevOps engineer to configure and maintain the process!
35+ Of The Best CI/CD Tools: Organized By Category
Buddy allows engineers to build and manage complex CI/CD pipelines. However, the bulk of its popularity lies in its ability to give engineers direct deployment access to public repositories such as GitHub. Buddy’s user interface is simple and intuitive.
The Best Alternatives to Jenkins for Developers
Buddy, also known as Buddy Works, is a continuous integration and delivery software with an interactive user interface, making for a perfect Jenkins alternative. It helps to build, test, and deploy applications faster quickly. You can get your CI/CD pipeline running in just a few minutes’ configurations.

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