1. Telemedicine services for health systems, health plans, employers, and physicians. Improving patient outcomes through live video visits with board-certified doctors.

  2. AGNES Interactive: telemedicine software to capture medical device data, exchange documents, share medical images, and video conference.

  3. Agroforest Pneus

  4. DOT Telemedicine Backpack, Mobile Integrated Healthcare MIH, Telemedicine Video, Telehealth Video, Remote Emergency Services, Mobile ER, Mobile Urgent Care,

  5. CloudVisit MRO software provides remote inspections; maintenance, repair, and operations for industries such as aviation, energy, transportation, construction.

  6. Telemedicine platform (telehealth platform) for clinic: βœ“ Virtual meetings βœ“ Multichat βœ“ Schedule βœ“ Billing system βœ“ PHR manager βœ“ Safety βœ“ Evaluation of doctor

  7. RealTime Clinic is the most effective way for patients to engage their caregivers, to keep up with need-to-know information, and to retain valuable knowledge.

  8. Secure Telehealth is a software for physicians that allows them to provide health-care services to remote areas.

  9. Lifecycle Health cloud platform provides an effective patient provider communication,social determinants of health through patient engagement software, telehealth video visits, value based care,value based healthcare and deliver patient care continu…

  10. Start your online dermatology visit on SkyMD today. Get treatment and prescriptions for skin, hair, and nail concerns from a dermatologist online.

  11. Our secure, cloud based telemedicine technology allows for more efficient interaction between healthcare providers and patients. Find out how!

  12. VSee is the first HIPAA-compliant telehealth app. Used by NASA, the Navy SEALS, and US Congress, VSee keeps patient data secure with 256-bit AES encryption.