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Top 8 Marketing Analytics Options

Based on our collection of software reviews as well as verified products.
Latest update:
  1. Datadeck

    Datadeck puts everyone in sync with beautiful dashboards of all your data sources, making your company happier and more productive.

  2. AppsFlyer

    Leading data-driven marketers rely on AppsFlyer for independent measurement solutions and innovative tools to grow their mobile business.

  3. Attribution

    Attribution provides multi-touch attribution with ROI tracking for company's marketing channels.

  4. LiveRamp

    LiveRamp is an identity resolution provider offering data onboarding. We tie all of your marketing data back to real people across 1st, 2nd, or 3rd party digital and offline data silos.

  5. Google Attribution

    Attribution offers a SaaS-based marketing attribution and optimization platform to improve return on advertising expenditure.

  6. TapStream

    Tapstream is a marketing dashboard for app makers to track acquisition, retention and ROI across channels.

  7. Apsalar

    Mobile Data Management Platform.

  8. LeadsRX

    LeadsRX is a marketing attribution software that gives marketers insights into which advertising campaigns result in conversions.