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10 Best Inspectlet Alternatives 2022

Inspectlet Plerdy Smartlook Mouseflow Microsoft Clarity LogRocket LiveSession Lucky Orange VWO Insights Auryc
  1. Google Analytics tells you what, Inspectlet tells you why.
    Inspectlet reviews are the best option to understand whether the option is suitable. So, we have gathered several Inspectlet reviews from real customers.

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    Plerdy is a comprehensive conversation rate optimization software that caters to professional online marketers and agencies, allow them to enhance website performance and increase revenue greatly.
    Plerdy offers a variety of conversion rate optimization tools. These include website heat maps, event tracking tools, SEO checkers, or conversion funnel analysis. Data transmission is protected with SSL technology. Plerdy can be used with all common browsers and offers integration with other online services. Plerdy also provides videos about use cases, checklists, e-books, and more. Plerdy can be used and tested free of charge. The following is available:

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  3. Qualitative analytics for websites and mobile apps Start understanding the 'whys' of your users' behaviors with clear, visual insights. With session recordings and event tracking, you get the complete picture.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    Smartlook is another good alternative for observing user behavior on websites. It is thus possible, for example, to understand when which user pressed which button. Smartlook thus uncovers hidden sources of optimization of the websites. The functions are as follows:

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  4. Mouseflow is the most popular session replay / recording and website heatmap tool. Sign up today or call +1 (855) 668-7335 for a personal demonstration!
    Mouseflow is an all-in-one service. The interactive tool tracks mouse movement and scrolling on the website. It allows you to make reasonable decisions based on real actions. It also helps to improve usability, increase conversion rates and increase sales. In addition, Mouseflow offers visual analytics and reports in the form of heat maps.

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  5. Website analytics powered by machine learning 📊
    • Open Source
    Microsoft Clarity is an alternative that allows companies to check the usability of their website. For this purpose, Microsoft Clarity records selected sessions of users. Companies can then evaluate the sessions. In addition, the tool provides measured values that indicate possible usability problems.

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  6. LogRocket combines session replay, performance monitoring, and product analytics — empowering teams to create the ideal product experience.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $99.0 / Monthly (10k sessions / 3 seats / 1-month data retention)
    LogRocket is another alternative that is also often mentioned in Inspectlet reviews. It helps developers have better experiences for their users. By recording videos of user sessions with protocols, network, redux, console, and errors, LogRocket intelligently highlights UX problems and reveals the main cause of each error. The main functions are as follows:

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  7. LiveSession helps you analyze users’ behavior, improve UX, find JS bugs, and increase conversion rates using session replays, and event-based product analytics.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    • $99.0 / Monthly (10k sessions / unlimited users / 1-month data retention)
    LiveSession is an analytical software that makes it easy to search, segment, and play high-quality repetitions of client sessions. In addition, it tracks and records actions (mouse movements, clicks, keystrokes, keystrokes, changes) and allows you to find drop-down lists to increase your site’s conversion rate.

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  8. Get into the minds of your customers by watching them navigate your site and chatting with them as they do so.
    Lucky Orange is a complete set of usability analysis and optimization tools for your online store. This alternative will help you answer why your website visitors don’t become customers.

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  9. Website visitor analysis software with screen recording
    VWO Insights is a part of the VWO Platform, which helps you solve diverse tasks simultaneously. You can identify conversion leaks, conduct surveys, analyze user behavior, and more. The features are similar to the tools we have already described:

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    Session Replay
    Auryc is one of the best alternatives on our list. Auryc is a client-side journey intelligence platform that surfaces real-time insights with powerful visual context across your digital e-commerce journeys. The company’s goal is to help find and resolve diverse customer journey issues that may greatly affect customer satisfaction. Here are several top features:

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  11. 11
    AI assisted tool to understand user experience visually.
    • Freemium
    • Free Trial
    If your goal is to understand user behavior, Browsee will help. It is one of the best alternatives that offer a forever free plan, which is a plus for those who don’t want to spend extra money. The following is offered:

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