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Top 5 Marketing Analytics Platforms for Large E-commerce Businesses

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  1. Improvado is an ETL platform that extracts data from 200+ pre-built connectors, transforms it, and seamlessly loads the results to wherever you need them. No more Tedious Manual Work, Errors or Discrepancies. Contact us for a demo.


  2. Improve your website to increase conversions, improve the user experience, and make more money using Google Analytics. Measure, understand and quantify engagement on your site with customized and in-depth reports.

    How to find someone to create a website? We tried FIVERR and... about about 2 months ago:

    A good website evolves over time. A lot of the assumptions made during the design will need to be proven after launch. You should be monitoring things like Google Analytics to see how much traffic the site gets and whether the traffic converts leads into customers. Microsoft Clarity is also excellent at look at user behaviour using heatmaps (it's free).
  3. DashThis provides marketers with an easy-to-use, automated & attractive reporting tool.

    Recommended tools that synthesize data from... about 7 months ago

    Would something like dashthis make sense for you? more on the automated reporting side.
  4. Supermetrics condenses all the major vectors of data relevant to a user's marketing campaigns and helps them make sense of it all.

    Calendar Heroes: Connor MacDonald, CMO at The Ridge - Q&A on... about 3 months ago:

    Supermetrics powers 90% of our reporting, with automated report building so we can monitor our ad performance.
  5. Tableau can help anyone see and understand their data. Connect to almost any database, drag and drop to create visualizations, and share with a click.

    Is Tableau right for my project? about 18 days ago

    Head over to and start hitting the forums, the free web based training. It's decent content. Youtube has a ton of stuff too.