Top 12 Mercurial SCM Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. Bazaar is a tool for helping people collaborate.

  2. Simple, high-reliability, distributed software configuration management

  3. Darcs is an advanced revision control system, for source code or other files.

  4. A password manager for freelancers, developers, agencies, IT departments and teams. VAULT safely stores account information and makes it easy to share between co-workers, other team members and clients.

  5. Trac is a project management and bug/issue tracking system. Provides an interface to Subversion and an integrated wiki.

  6. An open source, distributed version control and bug tracking system for Windows, Mac OS X, and...

  7. monotone is a free distributed version control system.

  8. EasyGit is a wrapper for git, designed to make git easy to learn and use.