1. An AI-first talent assessment tool that reduces recruiter effort by 70% leveraging its ML, NLP and psycholinguistics technology.

  2. AppVault offers data driven solutions to optimize the hiring process.

  3. OnRecruit helps companies attract talent to the jobs in their own website by automating and optimizing their paid advertising in job search.

  4. Wonderkind is a fully automated job advertising platform.

  5. Gild’s hiring platform is fueled by data science, consumer-friendly technologies, and predictive analytic to power the way companies find and hire talent.

  6. Talent Clue is a recruitment software that automates and optimizes the entire hiring process.

  7. LinkedIn Recruiter is a recruiting tool to hire talent from LinkedIn.

  8. JamieAi offers specialized​ recruitment through a unique combination of human and AI-powered processes for hiring data talent.

  9. JobsTheWord utilizes big data technology to discover perfect passive and active applicants for employers.

  10. Aevy is an automated talent sourcing platform enabling HR personnel to interact with top talent.

  11. Predictive analytics that help recruiters identify when a candidate will be open to a new job opportunity

  12. Greenhouse Software makes companies great at hiring.