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14 Best Ad Blockers in 2020

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  1. AdBlock Plus is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and several other popular browsers that prevents intrusive ads like pop-ups and malicious code from appearing on websites you visit.

    No insurance for me please about 7 days ago:

    I haven't figured out how to get an adblocker working in my apps yet, but AdBlock works in Chrome for mobile. I have limits on my home wifi but unlimited data on my phone so I stream my movies and things on my phone and screen-share with the television to save my home data. (I know, I'm backwards.).
  2. Opera is a browser with innovative features, speed and security.

    Can't access or update? about 18 days ago

    I get this whenever I try to access, and I get "An error occurred while checking for updates" when I try to update my browser. Anyone else or just me?
  3. When AdLock is on, ads are off. Enjoy fast internet and apps without pop-ups and banners!

  4. Cross-browser ad-blocking solution.

  5. Check out Firefox again. It’s fast, private and on your side. For iOS and Android.

  6. Privacy tool for transparency and control

  7. Ad blocker for Chrome, Safari and Opera on desktop and Safari for iOS devices.

    Mangadex - See you soon!(down for site rewrite) about 21 days ago:

    I recommend Surf the web without annoying pop ups and ads! (
  8. Popular and efficient blocker for Chromium, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Thunderbird.

  9. Fast and secure, ad and tracker blocking browser.

    Brave disables Chromium FLoC features about about 18 hours ago:

    Brave [0] is a web browser, built from Chromium, but with built in ad and tracker blocking. FLoC stands for Federated Learning of Cohorts. The third party cookie is dying, and FLoC is a way for companies to group people together and track them, rather than tracking individuals. Here's more info about that [1] and here's an EFF article about why it's dangerous [2]. [0]
  10. Surf the Web Ad-Free and Safely. Shield up!

    Can my college track reddit app usage about 12 days ago:

    If you're interested in seeing what the network traffic from your phone is like I'd recommend installing Adguard. This is probably what your college would see from your phone.
  11. Block ads and malicious websites with CyberSec. Enjoy enhanced security, better performance, and more control.

    PiHole and piVPN about 27 days ago

    Nordvpn set cybersec on or off - is a feature protecting you from ads, unsafe connections, and malicious sites. You can read more about itΒ here. Which means I have to use their DNS.
  12. Block ads in browsers and apps with adblock VPN. Browse the internet privately, enjoy automatic malware detection, save money on mobile data, and more.

    Surfshark VPN about about 1 month ago

    YouTube ads can't be blocked with DNS, it even says so on their site.
  13. Stands App is an extension based application for the leading web browsers that make it easy for the users to enhance their browsing experience in a new way.

  14. Google Chrome is a fast, secure, and free web browser, built for the modern web. Give it a try on your desktop today.

    Microsoft is on FIRE this week! about 26 days ago

    Huh. TIL works in other browsers than the first launch of Edge? I was pretty sure that was what appeared as I typed '' into edge...