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  1. Usability testing has never been easier. Get videos of real people speaking their thoughts as they use websites, mobile apps, prototypes and more!
    • Free Trial is a great service but it’s pricing is probably out-of-reach for many small businesses and startups looking for some quick feedback on their sites before and after launch. So are there any free alternatives to usertesting and if not what are cheapest alternatives to

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  2. UsabilityHub is a platform for running quick and simple usability tests and design surveys.
    Another free option is Usability.Testing.Exchange. It’s very much like UsabilityHub in that you test other users websites in order to earn credits and use them for your own tests. The feedback is somewhat limited as it is only text based (same as UsabilityHub), but these 2 service can be great if you want some quick free feedback on UX and design choices.

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  3. NOTE: Usability Testing Exchange has been discontinued.
    Free usability testing of, and feedback about, your website/app.

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  4. TryMyUI enables organizations to crowdsource the usability testing of their UI's.
    It’s a cheap option and handy that you can choose between desktop or mobile for the same price but I would rather pay the extra $10 and get a targeted test from TryMyUI if I wanted desktop testing.

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  5. Provides affordable remote user testing.

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  6. Get useful landing page feedback. Increase conversions.

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  7. Unleash your site's or app's potential with remote usability testing. Results in less than 24 hours. Test on any device with our testers supporting 40 languages!

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  8. User testing made simple. High-quality, affordable user testing solutions from real users, here in the UK. Improve your usability!

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