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Git undo: We can do better

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  1. Fast and Friendly Git Client for Mac

    I'm a huge fan of git fork [1] on windows (or mac). Looks good, never failed me and does everything I need (branching, merging, rebasing, cherry picking, blaming and it can even show lost commits with reflog). And it performs really well (in contrary to sourcetree). [1]
  2. GitHub Desktop is a seamless way to contribute to projects on GitHub and GitHub Enterprise.

  3. The Git interface you've been missing all your life

    While GitUp is a GUI app, and only available for macOS, I think it's worth noting that it has some great undo/redo capabilities built in. From what I understand, some of them were more feasible to develop because they implemented their own plumbing (GitUpKit), instead of relying on the official git plumbing.
  4. Simple terminal UI for git commands.

    I've said this in other threads but I'll proselytize here as well. I really started to grok git after using the lazygit terminal UI. I think it's really handy to see what the current "state" of git is in and how to browse it easily. Would continue to recommend.
  5. Gitless is an experimental version control system built on top of Git.

    I agree that collaborative text editing between multiple users simultaneously is hard. That doesn't mean that Git couldn't have a much better UI for this problem than it does. And while I agree that Git seems to have mostly won over SVN and Hg, it doesn't follow that it's because of its UI. (For example, I think that a lot of Git's success actually comes from the UI of GitHub, not Git itself, but I don't have...
  6. TortoiseGit is an easy to use client for the Git distributed revision control system.