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The Death of Couchsurfing?

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  1. CouchSurfing is your ticket to explore the world -- from the road or from your own home.

    I hate how unfair life is about 6 days ago

    I would recommend you to talk to people outside of your gaming loop to have some glimpse of whats their playstile is about :). Try, for example, where a lot of people that are out of the mainstream thing are going through alternative game experiences.
  2. Open your door to the world!

    German language club about 25 days ago:

    I know what you mean. The town where I went to uni had several language meet ups that were quite a lot of fun. I never looked for German language clubs specifically, but I am sure you'll be able to find some on and One-on-one meetings sound like a good idea as well, so maybe check out some tandem websites.
  3. Book unique places to stay and things to do.

    Almost homeless in upcoming weeks or months. about 16 days ago:

    Please consult the pinned post for a comprehensive guide at There are listings for larger temp agencies that may have a presence or jobs in your area. Jobs can be same-day paid positions to jobs that are temporary for weeks to months. Try a few per diem positions, that is work that is for one day, such as at...