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  1. Block ads, trackers and malicious websites on all your devices.

    Internet Privacy for home about 3 days ago

    You can create an account on, read through all the settings and then set the DNS server on your router. That's the sensible approach to privacy for a home network. If you have a lot of requests (more than 300 thousand per month) you need their paid plan which is cheap though, 2 usd per month.
  2. Surf the Web Ad-Free and Safely. Shield up!

    Where to watch in US? about 5 days ago

    I have Adguard so I can't be sure there aren't any questionable ads but Gogoanime is where I usually go to watch anime.
  3. WebWatcher is a holding nothing back one parental and worker checking programming for PCs and mobiles.

  4. Pi-hole is a multi-platform, network-wide ad blocker.

    Secure Home Remote Server for IoT Cameras about 2 days ago

    This is how I built my edge server that grants access to my home networks that connect to my IoT devices like my cameras running on [Raspberry Pi Zero]( It uses [Cloudflare tunnels]( for remote access, so it has no open ports to the world, and Nginx as the reverse proxy to the camera...
  5. Best performance. You don't want to slow down your network by installing a network security software. NxFilter is a light-weight DNS filter. It doesn't cause any latency issue in your network.

    A K12sysadmin’s Musings and Recap of the Past Few Years about 8 months ago:

    There are market disruptors in all aspects of our field. Gravwell can provide you will centralized logging at a fraction of the cost of Splunk. Ubiquiti makes highly competitive access points. NXFilter can provide high quality DNS filtering for substantially less than Umbrella. Lenovo is seriously undercutting NetApp on storage, and they are literally using the same OSes and Lenovo is even making the hardware for...
  6. Monitor and block Web activity, keystrokes, limit gaming time and record screenshots.

  7. Pluckeye is a filter that bolsters self-control on the Internet.

  8. Wefisy is a free parental control program for Windows. Block websites (pornography , phishing , malware, ... ) , P2P applications and ports. Child safety.

  9. The best parental control and web filtering software. Complete visibility and control over your child's online activity. Sign up today to start.

  10. Symantec provides security products and solutions to protect small, medium, and enterprise businesses from advanced threats, malware, and other cyber attacks.

    Other than Covenant Eye, what other monitoring softwares are... about over 1 year ago

    This isn't limited to Christians - any monitoring software for families can do this. Here's one: . It will send the person monitoring it an alert when the person tries to go to certain websites, and it can block all social media websites.
  11. A powerful DNS-layer defense against internet threats. Protect your networks and employees with our cloud-based security solutions, and join more than 4000 businesses that trust us

  12. BrowseControl lets businesses control Internet activities on their networks. It gives businesses the ability to secure a network and monitor browsing histories.

    paid Free Trial $229.0 / One-off (5 Users)

  13. The best ad blocker for Android. Free and open source.

    How does you privacy friendly ecosystem look like? about 3 days ago:

    Blokada 5 on my phone and as VPN an on my Notebook:
  14. AW

    Any Weblock

    This hasn't been added to SaaSHub yet

  15. Local vpn for adblocking.

    How can I limit ads on apps on my smart tv? about 4 months ago

    This will block all the youtube ads on both browsers. If your toddler is watching on a phone, I would recommend newpipe or dns66 for android . Those aren't great, but they do. Firefox on android systems also allows ublock origin extension to be installed.
  16. Popular and efficient blocker for Chromium, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Thunderbird.

    Donefirst reviews about 7 months ago

    They're advertising on this sub? They can go fuck themselves. I've got ad-blocking enabled (and mods can't see ads on their own subs anyway) so I had no idea. I super recommend ublock origin for ad and content blocking.
  17. Ad blocker for Chrome, Safari and Opera on desktop and Safari for iOS devices.

    With all the talk of blocking the Tbell Pete and, what do you... about 4 months ago

    I have an AdBlock extension for my Chrome browser on desktop:
  18. Free Adblocker Browser – Adblock and Popup Blocker is one of the most downloaded AdBlocker on Android devices that comes with all the leading tools and features.

  19. uMatrix: A point-and-click matrix-based firewall, with many privacy-enhancing tools.

    uBlacklist – Block specific sites from appearing in Google... about 8 months ago:

    My mind immediately went to uMatrix or uBlockOrigin. Just want to note that, so far as I can tell, this is not associated with the author (gorhill) of those other tools:
  20. An ad blocker that uses the hosts file. For Android, requires root.

    ULPT: Skip the last 2 spotify ads by going into airplane mode... about 25 days ago:

    I use AdAway ( on Android instead. I don't know if it blocks Spotify ads as I don't listen to Spotify on my phone. If using VPN mode, you can have a quick action tile (by the wifi toggles, etc) to quickly and easily toggle AdBlock in case there is something blocked that you wanna see.
  21. Cross-browser ad-blocking solution.

    Quick JS hack to thwart mysterious JS line injection about about 1 month ago

    I don't think this is a metrics thing, though because the link goes to "" .. But, yeah, I called GoDaddy anyway and they said they would "Scan the site" and "let me know the results in 72 hours" hah.
  22. AdBlock Plus is a browser extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera, and several other popular browsers that prevents intrusive ads like pop-ups and malicious code from appearing on websites you visit.

    Ok so, I was just downloading some mods for DayZ from Steam... about 9 days ago

    If the website you got it on was ad infested maybe you clicked a fake download button and got real malware (very unlikely) but you can try and get a FREE adblock at and try and visit the site ad free.
  23. This also contains the feature “Blacklist Without Password” which allows non-admin users to add sites to the “Always Block” list without requiring the K9 admin password.