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  1. Haxe is an open source toolkit based on a modern, high level, strictly typed programming language.

    Writing an OS in Rust to run on RISC-V about 21 days ago:

    Something like Haxe? Obviously not “any” language but it has more compile targets than your average bear.
  2. Build cross platform desktop apps with web technologies

    SvelteKit + Electron: Create your desktop web app about about 1 month ago

    I make a new Adapter for SvelteKit apps that prerenders your entire site as a collection of static files for use with Electron.
  3. nwjs

    Running Node Apps on BrightSign Devices about 6 days ago

    BrightSign has pretty good docs that explain this. There are a ton of similarities to running NW.js, so it might make sense to check that out as well ( DM me if you have more questions. My team and I have built a few Node applications for BrightSign players.
  4. 8th is a secure, robust, cross-platform, and fun programming language

    What the hell is Forth? (2019) about 2 months ago:

    Is there any "battery-included" ANS Forth (more or less like Python/Go) which provides access to concurrency, networking, database, GUI, etc? Not an embedded device programmer, but mostly deals with frontend apps, and occasionally backend, so those are very relevant to me. Or perhaps use "non-traditional" Forths like 8th ( or Factor (
  5. 100% free development tool for cross platform desktop and server apps.

  6. Open source Python framework for rapid development of applications that make use of innovative user interfaces, such as multi-touch apps. Installation on WindowsInstallation on Windows. Installation; What are wheels .

    GUI in python about 9 days ago:

    I'd recommend kivy. OpenGL accelerated, cross platform - supports Linux, Windows, MacOS, RaspberryPi, and mobile... Android, OSX. It is a native python framework, and well documented. This is my preferred full-featured GUI. There is a sister project called kivyMD, that extends kivy with Material design widgets - this provides a clean very modern look.
  7. Real Software and Real Studio are now Xojo.

    Small Visual Basic about 2 months ago:

    I really recommend Xojo[1] (formally RealBasic). It’s like a modern VB6 but runs on macOS, Windows and many flavours of Linux. It has very polished drag and drop UI editor. I’ve been developing with it for over 20 years and my 10 year old daughter is now learning programming with it. You can create and debug apps for free and only need a license to deploy an app as a binary so it’s ideal to learn with. Heck, it...
  8. Enyo is a JavaScript app framework enabling developers build native-quality HTML5 apps that run everywhere — from phones and tablets to PCs and TVs.

  9. Integrated software for developing cross-platform applications.

    I found a cool low-code development tool for building models,... about 8 months ago

    Ever heard of this monstrosity ? Had a client who's whole company worked on this platform when I told him integration needed to communicate with my REST api he started yelling at me because obviously I should have a library to work with his software.