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My note-taking process

Recommended and mentioned products

  1. Ninja is a small build system with a focus on speed.

    Ninja — build system similar to make.
  2. TextMate brings Apple's approach to operating systems into the world of text editors.

    First, I've already adopted TextMate as the primary text editor on my system. TextMate is the lightest-weight piece of software besides vim that supports all of my daily tasks, including note-taking. It offers additional benefits by being hackable / pluggable through a bundle system. That is a huge benefit for note-taking as well.
  3. Hugo is a general-purpose website framework for generating static web pages.

  4. - Supporting Free and Open Source Software Communities since 1998

    You can use the TextMate mailing list or #textmate IRC channel on for questions, comments, and bug reports.
  5. MultiMarkdown, or MMD, is a tool to help turn minimally marked-up plain text into well formatted...

    Multimarkdown — marked-up plain text compiler.
  6. Build and debug modern web and cloud applications, by Microsoft

  7. The missing package manager for macOS

    All this can be installed using either Homebrew or MacPorts:.