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Built for no-code end-to-end application testing

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    Code Less User Friendly Automation Tool

    Automaton is very user friendly , Since everything is flowchart based design interface we don't need to write scripts and no prior coding knowledge required. It enables complete test automation of all components of an application - Web, APIs, Logs and Database Processes/Operations.The tool comes with a rich set of APIs that helps Automaton to integrate with popular CI tools like Jenkins.

    ๐Ÿ Competitors: Selenium
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    As part of development team, we use Automaton for automating Web Application test cases. Before every version release we will just execute the test cases and identify bugs in the existing functionalities. It helped us to identify bugs during development phase itself, which actually reduced lot of our manual activities.

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    Automaton is a test automation tool with a visual flow-chart based design interface. It enables complete test automation of all components of an application - Web, APIs, Logs and Database Processes/Operations. With a no-code, simple interface, users can run these tests without prior coding knowledge. The tool comes with a rich set of APIs that helps Automaton integrate with popular CI tools like Jenkins.

    Key Features of Automaton:

    Data-Driven Testing - Upload bulk credentials through single CSV file. Regression Testing - Take a big leap from execution planning to creation of regression plans. Reusability - Access reusable test steps while executing the new test case. Collaboration - Test cases and steps can be duplicated and shared with other users within the group. No-Code Testing - Codeless testing automation is powered by flow chart-based UI. UX & Usability - Configurable GUI and CLI enable users to handle most complex test cases easily. Easy to Use - Intuitive UI and support documentation help the users to understand the tool quickly.

    Why Automaton:

    User Friendly - A flow chart-based UI allows you to drive fast, efficient, codeless test automation. Easy to Manage - It simplifies management of test cases by capturing the application flow in a single flow chart. Agile Tool for DevOps - Can be integrated with any popular CI tool like Jenkins. Tailored SaaS Editions - Customized SME editions for small and medium businesses.

    Automaton is one of the best test automation tool available in the market.

    ๐Ÿ Competitors: Selenium
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    Automaton is very user friendly. I have been using it from past 18 months. Using Automaton you can do API testing, WEB Testing, UI testing, Database testing, Log testing, Performance testing, Mobile application testing. 1. Can create a test scripts in the form of flow charts. No Programming skills required. 2. Drag drop feature is available which helps to make the connections between elements and run the test scripts. 3. It is very useful in running regression scripts. 4. The execution reports are displayed steps wise where once can easily understand where the issue is. 5. Screenshots can be captured for every step. 6. You can create custom actions if you are performing same steps multiple times for different scenarios. 7. Test Suites and Test cases can be shared. 8. Record and play can be done

    ๐Ÿ Competitors: Selenium
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    Automaton : The name suggest it all

    All these while I have been using multiple applications for different testing activities involved. However Automaton has been a game changer in this aspect where I don't have to juggle between multiple applications for different activities. Its an one stop application for all those testing deliverables be it test case preparation, setting up and managing test repositories, execution, reporting and analysis. Every testing phase always involves some sort of manual test if not entirely and maintaining the large volume of piling regression suites has been hassle less in case of Automaton.

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    Flowchart based Interface

    Manual execution of Regression testing and validation of test results were very time consuming during sprint releases. When the test scripts were created using Automaton tool the execution time reduced.

    ๐Ÿ Competitors: Selenium
    ๐Ÿ‘ Pros:    Tool driven - automaton tool has a flowchart-based design which helps the non-technical users to create test scripts without dependency on programming skills pin-point failures - screen shots can be captured for each step of the test cases, and this helps in better understanding when there is a failure. broad based usage - using automaton end to end testing can be performed - ui testing, api testing, database testing, log testing, regression testing extensible - the execution report are apis enabled which can be integrated with ci tools such as jenkins customization - custom actions can be added as per your requirement. documentation - extensive documentation is available for building automation scripts
    ๐Ÿ‘Ž Cons:    Need more support for cloud native applications(aks, etc) and cloud based ci/cd tools such as azure devops. need more support for ui testing & baselining need support for browserstack integration for test simulation across multiple browsers

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