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TorryHarris Automaton Review

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    Automaton is very user friendly. I have been using it from past 18 months. Using Automaton you can do API testing, WEB Testing, UI testing, Database testing, Log testing, Performance testing, Mobile application testing. 1. Can create a test scripts in the form of flow charts. No Programming skills required. 2. Drag drop feature is available which helps to make the connections between elements and run the test scripts. 3. It is very useful in running regression scripts. 4. The execution reports are displayed steps wise where once can easily understand where the issue is. 5. Screenshots can be captured for every step. 6. You can create custom actions if you are performing same steps multiple times for different scenarios. 7. Test Suites and Test cases can be shared. 8. Record and play can be done

    ๐Ÿ Competitors: Selenium