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TorryHarris Automaton Review

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    Automaton is a test automation tool with a visual flow-chart based design interface. It enables complete test automation of all components of an application - Web, APIs, Logs and Database Processes/Operations. With a no-code, simple interface, users can run these tests without prior coding knowledge. The tool comes with a rich set of APIs that helps Automaton integrate with popular CI tools like Jenkins.

    Key Features of Automaton:

    Data-Driven Testing - Upload bulk credentials through single CSV file. Regression Testing - Take a big leap from execution planning to creation of regression plans. Reusability - Access reusable test steps while executing the new test case. Collaboration - Test cases and steps can be duplicated and shared with other users within the group. No-Code Testing - Codeless testing automation is powered by flow chart-based UI. UX & Usability - Configurable GUI and CLI enable users to handle most complex test cases easily. Easy to Use - Intuitive UI and support documentation help the users to understand the tool quickly.

    Why Automaton:

    User Friendly - A flow chart-based UI allows you to drive fast, efficient, codeless test automation. Easy to Manage - It simplifies management of test cases by capturing the application flow in a single flow chart. Agile Tool for DevOps - Can be integrated with any popular CI tool like Jenkins. Tailored SaaS Editions - Customized SME editions for small and medium businesses.

    Automaton is one of the best test automation tool available in the market.

    ๐Ÿ Competitors: Selenium