1. Worried about call centre hassles while booking a cab. Uncertain when your cab will arrive.

  2. TaxiStartup is one of several white-label taxi app platforms. These platforms allow anybody with a vehicle fleet to create a taxi or ridesharing app with an interface similar to those of Uber or Lyft... read more.

  3. TaxCloud makes it easy for wholesalers and retailers to comply with sales tax laws.

  4. Agriya’s Taxi app solution is a one of a kind, customizable cab booking solution. Make use of this impressive solution to develop your own taxi booking app

  5. Decentralised blockchain-based ride sharing and taxi service.

  6. Elluminati Inc offers Eber App Like Uber revolutionary cab booking app for hailing business.

  7. Buspool to your favorite destinations

  8. TaxJar simplifies sales tax filing for eCommerce sellers.

  9. The most complete tax solution for everyone.

  10. French cooperative for carpooling based on Free Software.

  11. MyTaxi is a taxi service from the United States that in addition to the US is also working in some other parts of the world as well.

  12. taxi.eu - The perfect taxi app for travellers in Germany and Europe.