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What is Segment? How to Implement and Use It.

What's In My Bag: Chrome Industries MXD Segment

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  • What is the most overpriced marketing tech on the market?
    I am working with our marketing team to implement into the rest of our technology stack. However I personally think that segment is EXTREMELY overpriced (at least for what we use it for). Source: 14 days ago
  • SendGrid alternative (their API is broken)
    We use Klaviyo and Omnisend a lot, though both are rather eCommerce-focused. Maybe look at Twilio Segment ( as well. It's more of a CDP but I think has some message/push capabilities as add-ons. Source: 17 days ago
  • Does Saleforce track website activity like HubSpot
    You can try Here is how you can track page views You collect the data in and then send it to lots of placas very easily with their built in integrations. Source: about 1 month ago
  • Ask HN: What’s your startup’s analytics setup? (2023)
    Ten years ago, there was a popular Ask HN: "what's your startup’s analytics setup?” [0]. Like the poster then (malandrew), I have the same problem in 2023: Selecting analytics solutions for the startup I'm working at has proven to be more daunting than I imagined. There are many services to choose from and it's not immediately obvious how you should choose from the many offerings to get not only complete analytics... - Source: Hacker News / 5 months ago
  • An FYI for those interested in privacy, I installed the Duck Duck Go App tracker blocker about 30 minutes ago and....
    Segment ( is a tool that lets companies track specific events that take place in their app or website, and acts as an air traffic controller of data for a company. Most companies use a CDP instead of building their own event tracking infrastructure, just like most companies user Salesforce instead building their own CRM. Source: 7 months ago
  • A hack to fix slow website
    On average websites have 43 trackers/scripts for analytics and advertising (source: Pingdom research). And this makes the website 3x slower. Even a handful of scripts impact performance which can be fixed by using a CDP(customer data platform) tool such as Segment or RudderStack A CDP tool streams the data from your data source(website here) to multiple destinations... Source: 7 months ago
  • — Hub to translate and route events to other third-party services. 100,000 events/month free. - Source: / 7 months ago
  • Segment - A New Key-Value Database Written in Rust
    There's a well-known company called Segment that is also on GitHub, I'd consider changing the name. Other than that, well done. Source: 7 months ago
  • Hello Founders,
    We use Mixpanel, tracking setup with and Stripe as payment. Source: 9 months ago
  • I am able to connect to all website except one
    It is quite strange but I am able to access a website( without Wireguard but when I try to access it with wireguard I see ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED. Source: 9 months ago
  • Segment Found Product Market Fit
    This seems to be Segment: I don't know what they do. I couldn't find the open source library in question either. - Source: Hacker News / 10 months ago
  • SMS Notifications On Pageviews with Segment and JavaScript
    Segment account - sign up for a free one here. - Source: / about 1 year ago
  • Client side collection services
    If you are fine with using a payed service you could use something like Segment, RudderStack or mParticle. All of them seem to offer easy integration for mobile and web apps and mParticle and RudderStack seem to offer a dedicated Kafka destination as well. Segment sadly doesn't offer one, but depending on where you actually want to get data, it might still work for you. Source: about 1 year ago
  • Better OSS alternative to CDP / reverse ETL? free tier is limited to two sources. Are there other options that allow unlimited sources perhaps. Source: about 1 year ago
  • API integration to Netsuite Via APIs.
    You might be able to use Source: about 1 year ago
  • Reference Data Stack for Data-Driven Startups
    We also have telemetry set up on our Monosi product which is collected through Snowplow,. As with Airbyte, we chose Snowplow because of its open source offering and because of their scalable event ingestion framework. There are other open source options to consider including Jitsu and RudderStack or closed source options like Segment. Since we started building our product with just a CLI offering, we didn’t need a... - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • How to monitor Segment event data with Monosi
    Segment is a popular CDP (Customer Data Platform) used by over 20,000 companies. One of the primary use cases for Segment is to collect event or clickstream data and pipe it into a destination of choice. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • SSGs through the ages: The ‘Reinvention’ era
    In 2011, Ian Storm Taylor cofounded Segment, a customer data platform that helps collect, clean, and control customer data. Years later, he created the SSG Metalsmith, which he used to power the Segment technical documentation. Just this week, after a 5-year maintenance mode break, Kevin Van Lierde took over as lead developer and maintainer, and shared his roadmap for future features and patches. - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • Where is the modern data stack for software engineers?
    Marketing teams and data engineers need data to answer questions; software engineers need data to build features. This difference is why you’ll find that tools like Segment don’t have connections for tools like ElasticSearch (Search Engine) or Redis (Cache). - Source: / over 1 year ago
  • Can't find a tool to keep track of feature metrics for a SaaS product. Any pointers?
    Myself I am using (analytics.js) to trigger analytics calls that then go to mixpanel custom reports. In addition we have some prometheus reports with simple reporting like Active Users per Week, etc... Source: over 1 year ago
  • How to plan and implement a customer data tracking strategy for your Micro-SaaS
    TLDR: general steps/starting point for setting up an app with Rudderstack ( or Segment) to track customer events. Source: over 1 year ago

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Top ETL Tools For 2021...And The Case For Saying "No" To ETL
Segment’s API has native library sources for every language, and helps record customer data from sources such as websites, mobile, apps or servers. It helps optimize analytics by piping raw customer data into data warehouses for further exploration and advanced analysis.

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