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Top ETL Tools For 2021...And The Case For Saying "No" To ETL

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  1. Informatica PowerExpress offers entry-level data integration and profiling solutions for small or mid-market business.

  2. MSS

    Microsoft SSIS

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  3. Talend Cloud delivers a single, open platform for data integration across cloud and on-premises environments. Put more data to work for your business faster with Talend.

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    Hello all im new to talend and im trying to do the tutorials provided by here:.
  4. Panoply is a smart cloud data warehouse

    paid Free Trial $200.0 / Monthly

    Connect Bing Ads to Tableau directly? about 8 months ago

    The service I used was Panoply.
  5. Consolidate your customer and product data in minutes

  6. Fivetran offers companies a data connector for extracting data from many different cloud and database sources.

    Big problem with companies now is they hire data scientist... about 5 months ago

    Disclaimer: I work for Fivetran, a data integration company.
  7. alooma brings together a reliable data pipeline, an easy data transformation interface, and a powerful stream processor.

  8. We make customer data simple.

    Ask HN: What’s your startup’s analytics setup? (2023) about about 1 month ago:

    Ten years ago, there was a popular Ask HN: "what's your startup’s analytics setup?” [0]. Like the poster then (malandrew), I have the same problem in 2023: Selecting analytics solutions for the startup I'm working at has proven to be more daunting than I imagined. There are many services to choose from and it's not immediately obvious how you should choose from the many offerings to get not only complete analytics...
  9. At GitHub, we’re building the text editor we’ve always wanted: hackable to the core, but approachable on the first day without ever touching a config file. We can’t wait to see what you build with it.

    Getting Started with Ruby on Rails - A Beginner's Guide about 3 days ago:

    A text editor: You'll need a text editor to write your code. Some popular options include Visual Studio Code (, Neovim (, and Sublime Text (
  10. Learn more about Azure Data Factory, the easiest cloud-based hybrid data integration solution at an enterprise scale. Build data factories without the need to code.

    (Recommend) Fun Open Source Tool for Pushing Data Around about 10 months ago

    You might want to look at Azure Data Factory to extend SSIS EDIT: Yes, I missed the "open source" part :).
  11. Matillion is a cloud-based data integration software.

  12. Build your AWS Redshift data warehouse without coding

  13. Apache Camel is a versatile open-source integration framework based on known enterprise integration patterns.

    Can I continuously write to a CSV file with a python script... about 6 days ago

    Since you're writing a Java app to consume this, I highly recommend Apache Camel to do the consuming of messages for it. You can trivially aim it at file systems, message queues, databases, web services and all manner of other sources to grab your data for you, and you can change your mind about what that source is, without having to rewrite most of your client code.
  14. Replicate data in minutes with prebuilt & custom connectors

    Data Pipeline: From ETL to EL plus T about 29 days ago:

    Yes, absolutely, Airbyte, and there are many similar solutions, but Airbyte is open source and relatively easy to use.
  15. Apache Kafka is an open-source message broker project developed by the Apache Software Foundation written in Scala.

    Horizontally scaling Kafka consumers with rendezvous hashing about 13 days ago:

    Apache Kafka is the foundational architecture most developers choose when building streaming applications. It’s incredibly scalable, fault-tolerant, and dependable. And its popularity has yielded vast knowledge with an active community to support developers when they build applications. Naturally, Kafka is now a table-stakes data platform component for nearly every major enterprise that deals with events data.
  16. logstash is a tool for managing events and logs.

  17. Simple, Composable, Open Source ETL

    CDC (Change Data Capture) with 3rd party APIs about 5 months ago

    Or you could build your own such system and run it on Airflow, Prefect, Dagster, etc. Check out the Singer project for a suite of Python packages designed for such a task. Quality varies greatly, though.
  18. Apatar provides a set of tools for data integration and migration.

  19. heka - Data collection and processing made easy.

  20. Scriptella is an open source ETL (Extract-Transform-Load) and script execution tool written in Java.