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Quicksilver is a fast and free Mac OS X productivity application that gives you the power to control your Mac quickly and elegantly. Quicksilver learns your habits, making your everyday chores simple and efficient.

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  • The best Mac Apps to unlock your max potential (recommended by users of r/MacOs )
    Should add Quicksilver. It's the first app I install on my Macs. - Source: Reddit / 6 days ago
  • Boomer Wants to Learn Mac
    Spotlight-esque apps for enhanced keyboard driven productivity (pick one): Raycast Alfred Quicksilver. - Source: Reddit / 17 days ago
  • Resolving the Great Undo-Redo Quandary
    For a browsable clipboard history on macOS, I recommend LaunchBar (; docs at I used to use the Clipboard Plugin of the free and open source app Quicksilver (, which worked fine but was slightly less streamlined. Some people prefer Alfred ( - Source: Hacker News / 5 months ago
  • Shortcat – Manipulate macOS masterfully, minus the mouse
    This is great. Reminds me of QuickSilver[1]. I'm evaluating HomeRow[2] for a VIM driving the Mac OS, will try this as well. I love how: a. Accessibility features are making the OS more accessible for everyone through automation b. Good the accessibility implementation is on the Mac that most applications are inherently compatible with solutions like this. [1]: [2]: - Source: Hacker News / 5 months ago
  • Sol: Open-source Alfred/Raycast alternative for macOS
    Good to see something like this, don't forget there is already an open source alternative (pre-existing) for Alfred and Raycast. It's called Quicksilver - - Source: Hacker News / 8 months ago
  • Albert – open-source keyboard launcher for Linux
    Kupfer (gnome) - Quicksilver (macos): I still find myself using these and enjoy the 'wei wu wei' flow of them: (skip to 5 or 11 minutes in). - Source: Hacker News / 10 months ago
  • Apps 👩🏻‍💻
    – Alfred/Quicksilver as an app launcher/productivity tool. - Source: Reddit / 10 months ago
  • Mac Apps That You Have Been Using For Long Time
    Quicksilver - Has since been replaced by Alfred, but this was the original. - Source: Reddit / 11 months ago
  • ueli - a free alternative to Alfred and Raycast
    Raycast looks good. I’m still using Quicksilver, which updated for Apple Silicon yesterday! Open source and actively community-maintained now. This update is remarkably polished. Https:// - Source: Reddit / 12 months ago
  • Recommendation for app that makes the experience of macOS even better?
    For task/app launching, LaunchBar, QuickSilver, and Butler (and of course Alfred that you already mentioned). I use LaunchBar. Alfred is probably more powerful, but LaunchBar is the snappiest for the way I use it. It's not as much about saving seconds/milliseconds as it is being able to stay in a flow. - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • Trigger Shortcut w/ a Keyboard shortcut on MacOS
    Some of the most popular utilities for this kind of thing include BetterTouchTool and Keyboard Meastro, but other tools such as Quicksilver, Alfred (as already mentioned), or even a Stream Deck can be configured to run shortcuts. - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • Hey people of Cubes, does anyone knows How to switch the temporarily object selection tool from Draw to Zoom?. When you hold Alt/Option it changes the pointer to draw but I want to change to zoom. It exist in Cubase?. Thanks for the help.
    You can dowload quicksilver here: - Source: Reddit / about 2 years ago

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7 Best Alfred Alternatives To Maximize Your Productivity
Quicksilver is a macOS productivity app that helps users perform everyday tasks much faster. It helps you keep track of your files and allows for the usage of various useful plugins.
4 Best Spotlight Alternatives to Increase Your Mac’s Functionality
In terms of usability, searching for items in QuickSilver is a little different than most application launchers. Rather than entering your query in the search window, here, you need to first enter the query in the search tab and then enter an action you want to perform on it in the action tab. Then, based on the available options, choose an action and hit return to perform it. As you use QuickSilver, it learns...

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