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ShadowPlay Vs Test Montage

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  • 20 dollars edit for another redditor :)
    Also or obs studio might be options. But my best experience was shadowplay since its very easy to use and new cards have extra hardware on board for better streaming. Source: about 2 years ago
  • When i record with medal, my sound is broken
    I would like to have some help, I come from, but it didn't exist anymore and I don't find other recorder that suit my taste aside Medal.Tv but it don't work. Source: over 2 years ago
  • VAC ?? phoenix best duelist lol
    I knew the omen was flank cuz the spectator died to him. I figured he was probably in that corner (pretty common camping spot). Also my friend clipped it for me cuz and medal make my fps drop. Source: over 2 years ago
  • what should I use to clip shit
    My computer is pretty bad (8 gigs of ram, core i5 9th gen) and iIve been wanting to clip stuff but since got bought I cant find anything to use, medal is too laggy and overplayed doesn't support rust so I have no clue what to use, any recommendations? Source: over 2 years ago
  • software for trimming short clips
    I used to use for this but now its discontinued and I cant even trim my old clips in there. Source: over 2 years ago
  • Vod review tool
    I'm looking to make Vod reviews easier with the help of a recorder like, which shows when there was a death and kill etc. Anybody know of something like that? Source: over 2 years ago
  • where are my full session recordings videos??
    I downloaded medal after died, whats going on? Source: over 2 years ago
  • Multiple audio sources.
    I'm new to, I was using before and you could set up multiple audio output sources to pickup instead of just one. Is there any way for me to set that up on medal because I have a GoXLR and have my discord chat separated from my regular system audio and I would like them both to be picked up in the clips. Thank you! Source: over 2 years ago
  • Live Valorant Overlay - Custom HUD
    No, I don't think so. The way the application works is that it takes a screenshot every 1 second and then processes it. There are plenty of applications that record your gameplay like or OBS. This application works on that principle that it just takes a screenshot of what your window is currently showing and more importantly doesn't interfere with Valorant at all in this process. The second concern is... Source: over 2 years ago
  • sion forgot to turn the oven off
    I'm using Lowkey, but they just got acquired. Hopefully the functionality is preserved in the new service! Source: over 2 years ago
  • Wait for it
    This was the scariest specatting moment of my life lmao. For some reason, there was no sound recording through my but still a funny clip I couldn't let die. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • Clipping mutes everything
    I was playing valorant with medal, as I usually do. But ever since I got a new mic (Blue Snowball), everytime I press f8 to clip, it cuts out all audio coming from anything other then my game (discord, music, etc) as well as my mic doesnt pick up my voice. I tried changing the keybind to something else, and no matter what I changed it to it still did it. I figured this has only been happening since I got my new... Source: almost 3 years ago
  • Pro tip: don't use the Xbox game bar to record your clips. is a good software. It doesn't lag your game and it is quite a good recording software. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • Who's Hiring? [September 2021]
    Lowkey | Senior Full-stack or Frontend Engineers who like games | Bay Area (SF) | Full Time | Lowkey ( is building the home for short-form gaming videos. We're an early-stage (Series A) startup backed by Y Combinator and Andreessen Horowitz. Our engineering team is a tight-knit group of experienced developers using... Source: almost 3 years ago
  • How can I record valorant on a 21:9 monitor?
    Just recently picked up a 21:9 ultra wide with a 3440x1440 resolution. I use lowkey to record my gameplay, and it works great for the most part. But when I try to record Valorant, it just doesn't seem to work properly. Here are some screenshots to show you what I mean. Link here. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • Athenascope and Lowkey not working properly on Windows 11
    I have used Athenascope in the past to automatically create highlights of my gaming sessions, but as there were a lots of server issues on their side I decided to use instead, but as I noticed they are not working properly on Windows 11, at least I never had this issue on Windows 10. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • What is the best recording app for a laptop?
    I want to record my games and have even tried a few out such as and Overwolf but they both lag the shit out of my game. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • help me please
    So I just installed because I read that is really good for saving clips in r/VALORANT and I want to make a montage but still didnt figured it out. It saves automatic kills/deaths/etc. ? p.s now im spamming so that I can post this Game game game game game game game game game game game game game game game game v game game game game game game game game game game game game game v. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • Best Recording Software?
    Try and turn the recording settings down to 720p 30 FPS. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • terrible meme i made while playing Portal 2. Masterpiece, and my PC can’t run obs so i fucking recorded this
    I tried and it worked perfectly for me (not sponsored) with I would record it in insane low quality to get 60 fps while recording but with lowkey I could record in 720p 30 fps yet still get 60 fps in game!pretty awesome. Source: almost 3 years ago
  • I didnt know where else to post this but i hope you guys can give me a solution.
    My is always on startup even after disabling it from settings I dont know what to do and its really annoying to have it on startup every time I boot my laptop does anyone know what to do? Source: about 3 years ago

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