1. Alert Logic seamlessly connects an award-winning security platform, cutting-edge threat intelligence, and expert defenders โ€“ to provide the best security and peace of mind for businesses 24/7, regardless of their size or technology environment.

  2. Solve IT Problems with ConnectWise Automate, Remote Monitoring and Remote Management Software. Visit to boost the effectiveness of your IT teams.โ€ŽTry ConnectWise Automate .

  3. Remote monitoring & management for managed service providers

  4. ELK as a Service Log Management

  5. CloudRanger streamlines your backups, disaster recovery and server control for AWS Cloud.

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  7. Security log and event management with real-time intelligence.

  8. EventSentry is a real-time log management, network and server health monitoring solution.

  9. An advanced network monitoring solution to monitor network up/downtime, traffic and usage.

  10. ZOHO Corporation offers online business, network, and IT infrastructure management applications, and software maintenance and support services.

  11. Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed, RESTful search engine.

  12. Server access log solution for finance and manufacturing