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  • How to create a basic webpage. Hey everyone , I need to create a basic web page that has a few hyperlinks at the top, some pictures, and a few paragraphs. I have no clue how to start this, first time doing something like this. Any advice / tips?
    Also might be good starting point. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Web Developer path
    Learn to a medium degree of proficiency HTML and CSS. Dig through something like the source code for and try to understand why they're doing the things that they're doing. Learn Git and use it in practice. Even if you're just working on your own code. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Do you still use HTML5 Boilerplate when starting new projects? what are alternatives?
    Do you guys still use HTML5 Boilerplate when starting new projects? Https:// - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
  • The HTML5 Shiv (2011)
    Wasn't this moved into Modernizr? There's a library I haven't thought of in a long time. Oh, yep. There it is at the bottom: > April 2011: IEPP v2 comes out. Modernizr and the html5shiv inherit the latest code. Meanwhile developers everywhere continue to use HTML5 elements in a cross-browser fashion without worry. Paul Irish also started (or helped start) the html5 boilerplate project[1], which I am... - Source: Hacker News / 6 months ago
  • Are there free websites where I could use drag down features and export as HTML?
    To get started with templates. - Source: Reddit / 7 months ago
  • How to Create an HTML Boilerplate
    If you are looking for a professional HTML5 Boilerplate then definitely check out HTML5 Boilerplate: The web’s most popular front-end template. - Source: / 7 months ago
  • HTML5 Boilerplate vs. HTML5 Reset [closed]
    As it currently stands, this question is not a good fit for our Q&A format. We expect answers to be supported by facts, references, or expertise, but this question will likely solicit debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion. If you feel that this question can be improved and possibly reopened, visit the help center for guidance. Closed 8 years ago.Hey everyone — HTML5 Boilerplate and HTML5 Reset are two... - Source: Reddit / 10 months ago
  • Benefits of loading JS at the bottom as opposed to the top of the document
    I am using html5boilerplate for beginning all my templates, but am not really sure on how beneficial loading the JS at the bottom is. - Source: Reddit / 11 months ago
  • Searching for a framework to create an initial file/folder structure when making a [non-React] website
    It's been a while since I've used it (years) but was my go to. I just had a quick look and it seems to be kept up to date. - Source: Reddit / 11 months ago
  • Need help with where to start
    You can also start with a minimal html structure using - Source: Reddit / 11 months ago
  • Frameworks for creating a static web-page?
    Https:// + CSS framework eventually (easier to create a responsive website, which I think is the trickiest part) + gulp or webpack for task automation (e.g. minifying). - Source: Reddit / about 1 year ago
  • What is the purpose of the HTML "no-js" class?
    I notice that in a lot of template engines, in the HTML5 Boilerplate, in various frameworks and in plain php sites there is the no-js class added onto the tag. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • (rant) Is there ANY framework or toolkit that isnt outrageously difficult to configure before you even write a single line of code?
    I find angular cli pretty straight forward, for smaller projects I like html5 boilerplate. - Source: Reddit / over 1 year ago
  • Pollen – A library of CSS variables inspired by TailwindCSS
    - The sizes are just multipliers. If you are standardizing on a value multiplier, use that multiplier (calc) and stick to a standard default instead of defining each step. So, my `medium` and `large` may be multiplied by a golden ratio number instead of just a multiplication. So, I'd would used `--size-normal`, `--size-medium` or `--size-large` etc but the medium and large will be derived from normal with a... - Source: Hacker News / over 1 year ago
  • Beginner Questions
    Really all you need for something like this is HTML, CSS, and maybe some JS. I'd say play around in codepen where you can see your code hot-reload when you make changes. When your project outgrows codependent, drop your code into an HTML Boilerplate, and keep going. - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago
  • Did you know you can make printer owners happy with only five lines of CSS?
    I just Googled it and it still exists! - Source: Reddit / almost 2 years ago

External sources with reviews and comparisons of HTML5 Boilerplate

15 Best CSS Frameworks: Professional Bootstrap and Foundation Alternatives
Even though Bootstrap is relatively easy to learn, it is much more than just a front-end template. So what if you need a fully compatible JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5 template? In this case, HTML5 Boilerplate is a good choice.
20 Best Front-End Frameworks For Bootstrap Alternative
Just like its name, HTML5 Boilerplate provides you HTML5 ready template that has been optimized to meet the most standard of HTML new features. By using this template, you can create a fast, robust and responsive site that is able to adapt to any kind of browser, even the old ones like Internet Explorer.
15 Fabulous Alternatives to Bootstrap, Foundation and Skeleton
HTML5 Boilerplate is a collective effort of prominent web developers in the industry. This platform is perfect for designing adaptable websites that work without any performance issues.
The 21 Most Used Bootstrap Alternatives
HTML5 Boilerplate helps you build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites. Kick-start your project with the combined knowledge and effort of 100s of developers, all in one little package.
8 Bootstrap Alternatives
HTML5 Boilerplate isn’t really a framework but rather it is a professional front-end template to give you a head start building a robust and adaptable web app. Boilerplate comes baked with Modernizr, Normalize.css and jQuery to help you create pages that work across browsers and can adapt to browsers that don’t offer support for certain features.

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