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Hey Review: Why this $99 per year email is Superhuman's Most Exciting Challenger | Keep Productive

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HEY Email Review (and Full Tour)!

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  • From React to Hotwire - Part II - [EN]
    Attending the latest edition of Rails World and watching the talk by DHH made me realize that generating views on the backend with Rails was no longer synonymous with slow, ugly interfaces that do not care about UX. With Hotwire, through Turbo and Stimulus, it was possible to create applications as complex as Gmail, Hey, or Slack, Campfire. And this became even more surreal with Turbo 8. - Source: / 29 days ago
  • Review: A Game-Changer or A Gimmick?
    In June 2020, Basecamp decided to take on the giants of email service providers with the launch of, aiming to revolutionize the way we interact with our inboxes. Touted as the email service for those who love email but hate its clutter, has certainly generated buzz. But does it live up to the hype? Let's delve into its features, usability, and overall value proposition. - Source: / 3 months ago
  • Don't upload your PWA to the app stores
    HEY is a big company, with financial resources and a large social media following. If even they feel bullied by Apple, just imagine what it's like for smaller app developers. And HEY is not even a PWA – it's a native app. - Source: / 6 months ago
  • Thinking about what to do if Basecamp/Hey look like they are going under
    I like to use software by smaller companies with a focus on privacy. I am now starting to regret putting my full email support behind With 1/3 of the Basecamp employees bailing I'm concerned if will survive and the disruption that is going to be informing everyone that I've had to change emails. I went in big on Hey using it both for personal and work email. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Hey for domains... the right way.
    Well one of the key selling points of the personal account is that you get a address. On the flip side they developed the business account and everything around it to use the customer's domain. I'm just guessing, however I suspect it is something along the lines of:. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Frontend components with Golang
    Try Turbo? It's basically iframe-like navigation that make backend rendered pagelets feel like SPA. It's the underlying of Hey webmail. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Using Hotwire Turbo in Rails with legacy JavaScript
    The new Basecamp’s flagship – the service – currently uses a total of ~60kB of JavaScript (zipped) while, in terms of reactivity, it feels like a real SPA. In contrast, our web uses twice as much JavaScript while mostly being an ordinary click-and-wait-for-the-whole-page web, oh well…. - Source: / about 3 years ago
  • Disasters I've seen in a microservices world
    Hi /u/drudan_forest. Thanks for the feedback. This blog/newsletter is hosted on HEY. They are usually supportive of the "Web 1.0" and non-walled gardens. I've investigated a bit, and I see that sometimes Firefox cannot detect the body of an article. That's why it doesn't work out of the box. I'll try to reach HEY folks and see if they can make it possible. Source: about 3 years ago
  • Does anyone use their Vivaldi webmail account?
    I think it's sort of like gmail in the beginning? Or Get the address, long term it might be popular. :). Source: about 3 years ago
  • I made an app that lets you start a Podcast without recording anything and scaled it to 2000 users!
    I know you are probably being facetious but if you are serious, we are in the process of making a blog that you can post to using email - something like Hey World by the guys at but for your own domain. Source: about 3 years ago
  • SMTP Access?
    Any mail sent to your address can be forwarded whereever you want forever. You can't send using a address inside of gmail which is what it sounds like you're trying to do. Source: over 3 years ago
  • SMTP Access?
    You're in a similar situation than me where Hey isn't just the right fit for me right now. It still forwarding emails to an email account on a domain name I choosed and own, so it's easier to say goodbye to that alias. Source: over 3 years ago
  • SMTP Access?
    I paid for last year, largely to get a better email address but also to try out new features and avoid the spam of gmail. But It's just not quite doing enough for me (calendar and contacts is a big issue, also not having powerful filtering and forwarding is something I'm missing). But I specifically signed up because I remember in the beginning they said that if I pay once I can keep the email address and... Source: over 3 years ago
  • Forwarding from iCloud to - is it being blocked?
    I wanted to try out HEY but I am not receiving any mail. It is strange, I have three work mail addresses from both office360 and outlook, I have used redirect as rule. The three different companies all block the forward and redirect rule. Then my private mail add which is a is also having some problem. I went to com webmail and clicked on the gear -> preferences -> forwarding and entered my new... Source: over 3 years ago
  • Email Providers and which we should use?
    How old is this list? Given its popularity, I would also like to see being compared to the rest. Source: over 3 years ago
  • If you have mobile as your primary device, DONT sign up yet!
    In that case you’d be better off waiting it out or maybe checking out Hey or Big Mail Source: over 3 years ago
  • Alternate email app
    Https:// It’s an alternative email provider, you get a address, but you can forward your gmail and it works well like that. Subscription, but the app is the best I’ve ever used, they’re privacy first and you’re supporting a small company with your money rather than a huge company with your personal data. Source: over 3 years ago
  • Your emails are not GDPR compliant
    Both[1] (from the Basecamp folks) and TMTP from the mnm project[2] (proposed successor to SMTP) disallow background downloading of remote URLs. TMTP also specifies Markdown formatting (not HTML), fwiw. [1] [2] - Source: Hacker News / over 3 years ago
  • keeping track of emails and responding in a timely manner - what do you do?
    You might want to check out It's a paid email service but its functions are so much better and intuitive, for example, you can automatically weed out unsolicited emails, you can scan through your emails and click 'reply later' and then when you're ready get a stack of emails lined up in a rss format and just bang our your responses really quickly, you can search all your emails by thumbnails of... Source: over 3 years ago
  • What I’ve learned from Day 1 on Clubhouse and why I’m going to put everything I have into it at IPO (NFA)
    Hook me up with an invite. Clubhouse reminds me of this app called HEY I have a feeling clubhouse is going to be like that once they get enough analytics to exploit its users long term. Source: over 3 years ago
  • For those who have been using Hey for the past 6+ months, will you renew?
    I am on the fence at the moment. I really want to love - I've been using since June last year as my main email account. I miss Mac Mail and the inbox and folder layout. I agree with a lot of other posts here, search is dreadful and the UI clunky. Source: over 3 years ago

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ProtonMail Compares Apple to Mafia, Says App Was Forced Into In-App Purchases in 2018
Apple apparently told ProtonMail "out of the blue" that it was required to add an in-app purchase option to stay in the ‌App Store‌. Similar to the situations with HEY and Wordpress earlier this year, ProtonMail had a mention of paid plans in the app, which prompted Apple to ask for the same subscription options to be offered via in-app purchase.

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