What's the alternative?


Indian Webmail service allowing people to sign up for an @email.biz mail account.

Email.biz has been discontinued. However, you can review its alternatives below.

Top 12 Email.biz Alternatives

Latest update:
  1. ProtonMail

    Secure email with absolutely no compromises. Get your free encrypted email account today.

  2. Tutanota

    Get your encrypted mailbox for free.

  3. Disroot

    Disroot is a platform providing online services based on principles of freedom, privacy, federation and decentralization.

  4. Kolab Now

    Kolab Now provides a suite of intuitive apps in a user friendly environment to make your day to day...

  5. Enigmail

    Security extension to Mozilla Thunderbird and SeaMonkey

  6. MsgSafe.io

    MsgSafe.io provides private, encrypted, online communication with layers of security you can trust.

  7. Vivaldi Mail

    Free email service with no ads and no strings attached. Also contacts and calendar features.

  8. Mailvelope

    Mailvelope open source project. OpenPGP in your browser.

  9. mailbox.org

    mailbox.org offers a secure e-mail account for home and business use. The domain name, me@mailbox.

  10. GPGMail

    GPGMail is an open source plugin for Apple Mail.

  11. Secure Gmail

    SecureGmail encrypts and decrypts emails you send in Gmail.

  12. Outlook

    Organize your world. Outlook’s email and calendar tools help you communicate, stay on top of what matters, and get things done.