1. Spinbackup is the most comprehensive SaaS Data Backup & Security solutions provider for G Suite. Try our 15-Day Free Trial Today!

  2. CloudSploit provides continuous security monitoring, detailed reports, and risk detection for cloud...

  3. Pipemonk is a self-serve SaaS-based data integration platform built for business users such as...

  4. Active Collab โ€” Task management, Team collaboration, Time tracking & Invoicing app

  5. Abacus Private Cloud leverages virtualization technologies to run all software applications in a fully managed, secure and redundant private environment.

  6. Flow is an integration platform to connect various cloud apps.

  7. Zoho Flow is an integration platform for effortlessly connecting web applications and automating complex business workflows.

  8. DB-IP offers IP address geolocation and network intelligence.

  9. BedrockData provides solutions to connect, clean and continuously synchronize multiple cloud systems in real-time.

  10. CloudEndure provides cloud migration and cloud disaster recovery for any application.

  11. Traverse Monitoring is an IT Management software that provides businesses with a network monitoring solution which is capable of handling the tasks of monitoring private clouds, distributed network infestation and virtualized infrastructure.

  12. Hybrid cloud management software