1. a drinking cup : goblet; especially : the eucharistic cup; the cup-shaped interior of a flower… See the full definition

  2. Android development environment based on IntelliJ IDEA

  3. Jenkins is an open-source continuous integration server with 300+ plugins to support all kinds of software development

  4. Kubernetes native serverless framework

  5. Cloud workspaces for development teams.

  6. Firebase is a cloud service designed to power real-time, collaborative applications for mobile and web.

  7. Enterprise-grade access controls for your secure shell infrastructure.

  8. Bcfg2 helps system administrators produce a consistent, reproducible, and verifiable description of...

  9. Bringing serverless to containers

  10. Architect is an IDE that focuses specifically on the needs of the data scientist.

  11. Rex is a real estate software platform.

  12. Edit audio in minutes, not hours.