1. Web based page that performs basic operations on blocks of text.

  2. GNU Octave is a programming language for scientific computing.

  3. matplotlib is a python 2D plotting library which produces publication quality figures in a variety...

  4. Modify text strings of excel / CSV formatted data

  5. The Units program converts quantities expressed in various scales to their equivalents in other...

  6. XCALC is an RPN calculator completely free to use.

  7. TTCalc is an open source bignum mathematical calculator.

  8. The website has a lot of useful and unique tools.

  9. Gnuplot is a portable command-line driven interactive data and function plotting utility.

  10. A beautiful, innovative, and modern online graphing calculator.

  11. Put Grapher’s powerful graphing and data analysis features to the test and better understand your data. Learn about features and download a free trial.

  12. The calculator with the basic mathematical functions for pupils and students