1. MailChimp is the best way to design, send, and share email newsletters.

  2. RealTime Email provides email relevance by enabling marketers to respond to each recipient’s personal context.

  3. ACES for Business automatically send appointment confirmation emails with a photo of the employee scheduled for service to customers.

  4. MailThis.to is a form-based email API.

  5.  SMTPProvider offers SMTP server with a mailing software for mass promotional & transactional emailing.

  6. PostageApp is an email management service that makes it easy to design, deliver, and manage all of the email that websites or applications send.

  7. Premailer is a preflight for HTML e-mail that makes CSS inline, converts links and warns about unsupported code.

  8. Now marketing automation is really for Marketers, not Devs

  9. MessageGears is a hybrid enterprise multichannel marketing solution built for data-centric, large volume businesses.

  10. Managed email delivery for WordPress

  11. Email sending library for PHP.

  12. Create and Change Transactional Email Faster.