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7 Best Transactional Email Services: Sendgrid vs. Mandrill & More

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  1. Learn why more developers choose SendGrid for their email deliverability service to send transactional emails triggered by web apps. Get started for free

    Prototypal Pragmatism โ€“ Designing Patterns for Progress with... about 3 days ago:

    William: Right. And when you think about it, sure, you can integrate with Twilio, and SendGrid, or Mailgun, or any of these other tools. But then you have multiple things that you have to integrate with, which increases complexity, which increases surface area to bugs, and just all kinds of issues, so we handle all of that. But we add some marketing stuff on there as well for marketers to use without having to...
  2. Mandrill is a new way for apps to send transactional email. It runs on the delivery infrastructure that powers MailChimp.

  3. Innovative online Email Marketing solution to manage your contacts, create & send your newsletters and track your results. More than 80 000 clients. Best prices and attractive features.

  4. Scale your business email & marketing messages with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), a cost-effective and reliable cloud email service. Sign up today.

    How to Set Up Multi-Channel Notifications in Your AWS Stack about 12 days ago:

    Amazon Web Services offers two products for end-user notifications: SES and SNS. Both services have a pay-per-use pricing model thatโ€™s ideal for companies that want to start small and scale up their AWS use as the business grows.
  5. All-in-one email service provider that provides maximum insight and deliverability results for both marketing and transactional emails.

  6. A set of powerful APIs that enable you to send, receive and track email from your app effortlessly whether you use Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Node.js or Java.

    Firebase send email about 6 months ago

    One thing I will add is you do still need to signup for an SMTP server. I ended up using Mailgun, but there are many. Once you do that you'd plug in your creds to Firebase, and move forward with your setup.
  7. Postmark is the easiest and most reliable way to be sure your important transactional emails get to the inbox. Simply & reliably parse recieved email to JSON for your webapp.

    Sending automatic emails to confirm accounts : how hard is it... about 16 days ago:

    PHPMailer is as close to the defacto standard for sending emails with PHP, at least the code portion anyway. Then you would need some service to actually send the emails, like Postmark, AWS SES, even Gmail works.