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Transactional email providers for indie businesses 2020

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  1. A set of powerful APIs that enable you to send, receive and track email from your app effortlessly whether you use Python, Ruby, PHP, C#, Node.js or Java.

    Self-hosted email is the hardest it's ever been, but also the... about about 1 month ago:

    Another solution to this problem is relaying through services which will do the heavy lifting for you (this was been discussed in the original thread, here and in the article I wrote). So far people have suggested - ImprovMX ( - Mailgun ( As any others come in I will update this comment (until I can't, anyway) and the article as a reference.
  2. Learn why more developers choose SendGrid for their email deliverability service to send transactional emails triggered by web apps. Get started for free

    A comparison of Supabase, Hasura and Aista about 1 day ago:

    If you don’t understand the problem related to business logic, have a key account manager at Supabase explain to you how you’d go about with sending an email as an endpoint is being invoked. This is a ridiculously simple “business logic use case”, and I suspect you can’t even do it in Supabase without invoking some 3rd party API, such as SendGrid from your client side frontend code. Notice, sending an email from...
  3. Postmark is the easiest and most reliable way to be sure your important transactional emails get to the inbox. Simply & reliably parse recieved email to JSON for your webapp.

    This is Digital Ocean's IP Quality :) about 3 days ago

    Not free but pretty cheap. Https://
  4. Mandrill is a new way for apps to send transactional email. It runs on the delivery infrastructure that powers MailChimp.

  5. Innovative online Email Marketing solution to manage your contacts, create & send your newsletters and track your results. More than 80 000 clients. Best prices and attractive features.

    Pico W : send an e-mail? about about 1 month ago

    UPDATE: I was able to get it to work using as my mail server with their "free" account, which is limited to 300 emails a day.
  6. Use our powerful Email APIs to deliver all your business critical emails on time and to the Inbox. We are the world’s only ESP that gives cashback on emails opened.

    Free for dev - list of software (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, etc.) about about 1 year ago: — 30k emails free for first month, then first 100 emails/day free.
  7. Scale your business email & marketing messages with Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), a cost-effective and reliable cloud email service. Sign up today.

    What ESP or SMTP do you use for cold emails? about 16 days ago

    SES by AWS