1. Looking for a better log viewer? LogViewPlus is a professional log file viewer that can parse, read, tail, merge and analyze log files in any format. Remote log files (SFTP) and large files are supported. Easy configuration.

  2. Yata is a general purpose log viewer and file monitor with a nice pretty GUI.

  3. Powerful terminal based viewer for JSON logs using ncurses.

  4. TailExpert.

  5. The Log File Navigator (lnav) is an advanced log file viewer for the console.

  6. klogg is the fork of glogg - the fast, smart log explorer.

  7. LogTail is a local and remote (SSH) log file viewer and monitoring application for Mac OS X. It is a pure, modern, document-based Cocoa App

  8. Roosboard provides powerful voice & search enabled analytics to discover the business data in seconds and to comprehend the business metrics with ease.

  9. The LogViewer Pro is a viewer for text log files. Features include:

  10. Retrospective is an event log viewer and analysis tool from centeractive. Retrospective is an easy to use log management software and web log analyzer.

  11. LogExpert is a Windows tail program (a GUI replacement for the Unix tail command).

  12. View the contents of multiple log files as they're updated in real time.