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  2. Capshare is a cloud-based stock issuance, cap table and equity management platform.

  3. We help business owners to manage cap table and issue shares to founders, employees & investors.

  4. Certent Equity Compensation Management simplifies and streamlines all the crucial aspects of your stock administration process.

  5. TruEquity is a cloud-based cap table management software solution.

  6. Gust Equity Management is a platform for companies to manage cap tables, grants and employee options.

  7. OpTrack offers Cap Table, Financial Reporting and Self-Admin Equity management for private and small public companies.

  8. Captable.io is a free tool for cap table management and insights.

  9. Ledgy is a platform for transaction-based equity and employee participation plan management, with the best round and exit modeling tools.

  10. Capyx is a Cap table management that enables users to track equity, easily collaborate with shareholders and manage portfolio.