1. Capshare is a cloud-based stock issuance, cap table and equity management platform.

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  3. Certent Equity Compensation Management simplifies and streamlines all the crucial aspects of your stock administration process.

  4. Gust Equity Management is a platform for companies to manage cap tables, grants and employee options.

  5. We help business owners to manage cap table and issue shares to founders, employees & investors.

  6. OpTrack offers Cap Table, Financial Reporting and Self-Admin Equity management for private and small public companies.

  7. Captable.io is a free tool for cap table management and insights.

  8. Ledgy is a platform for transaction-based equity and employee participation plan management, with the best round and exit modeling tools.

  9. TruEquity is a cloud-based cap table management software solution.

  10. Capyx is a Cap table management that enables users to track equity, easily collaborate with shareholders and manage portfolio.

  11. AngelLoop helps founders engage and leverage their stakeholders and helps investors manage their growing portfolio of StartUps.

  12. The Shareworks by Morgan Stanley suite of services & equity plan management software will enable you to build the perfect employee stock purchase plan. Contact us today to get started.