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Top 12 Crowdfunding Options

Based on our collection of software reviews as well as verified products.
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  1. Kickstarter

    Kickstarter is the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. A home for film, music, art, theater, games, comics, design, photography, and more.

  2. Indiegogo

    As the largest global site for fundraisers, Indiegogo helps individuals, groups and non-profits raise money online to make their ideas a reality through crowdfunding. It's easy to start fundraising today.

  3. GoFundMe

    GoFundMe is a crowd-funding platform for fundraising one or multiple goals.

  4. Fundly

    Raise Money For Anything

  5. Fundable

    Fundable | Crowdfunding for Small Businesses

  6. Patreon

    Patreon enables fans to give ongoing support to their favorite creators.

  7. SelfStarter

    Roll your own crowdfunding

  8. Goteo

    Goteo is an open network for crowdfunding, collaborations and training, leader in social innovation. With 2 rounds and fiscal advantages for donors!

  9. RocketHub

    Welcome | RocketHub

  10. BountySource

    BountySource is a funding platform for open-source bugs and features.

  11. FreedomSponsors

    Check this out! freedomsponsors.org - Crowdfunding Free Software, one issue at a time.

  12. FOSS Factory

    FOSS Factory's mission is to accelerate the advancement of free/open source software by helping...