1. Leading Augmented Rreality platform.

  2. I recently decided to pull together a list of some of the best augmented reality apps I had seen over the last couple of years and thought I would post them here to share with the world. Read more

  3. Create 3D/AR apps without coding on all platforms

  4. Zappar is a clever little app that can see and recognise images and objects in the world around us.

  5. Wikitude’s all-in-one AR SDK combines 3D tracking technology (SLAM), image recognition and tracking, as well as geo-location for apps.

  6. Augmented Reality SDK

  7. The multiplatform game creation tools for everyone.

  8. The world's most widely used tracking library for augmented reality.

  9. Augment offers a new way to market your products by allowing you to simulate their value as an augmented reality experience.

  10. ThingWorx is a complete development platform for Internet of Things.

  11. Making Business Life Simple - Project Management, Tasks, Invoice, Time Billing and Contacts CRM For Businesses.

  12. Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in JavaScript