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  • Question about video stream pipeline - University project
    May be this is a way: - Source: Reddit / 13 days ago
  • How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey According to Amazon Rekognition
    This is a tech recipe using Amazon Rekognition, a service that simplifies operational media analysis tasks by providing fully managed, purpose-built APIs powered by ML. At your peril, if you do not understand how the APIs work and how to manage confidence levels. - Source: / 14 days ago
  • Why AWS Step Functions and SDK integrations
    When you have a workflow which needs integration with AWS Rekognition, Amazon DynamoDB and the additional business logic on AWS Lambda functions, the architecture of using them in your Serverless application would be with AWS Lambda functions as seen in the below diagram. When converting to an architecture using AWS Step Functions would mean that you can leverage the workflow based sequential flow. Again you... - Source: / about 1 month ago
  • Startup with a project for someone who wants to learn by doing, such as a student project, or someone self-taught looking for a side project
    We are looking at using AWS Rekognition, which supports OCR and a neural network ML service, because we have $25k in free startup credits to burn through over the next couple of years. Also this would allow us to add content moderation filters, to exclude undesirable spam such as nudity and violence, which would kill two birds with one stone. - Source: Reddit / about 1 month ago
  • Why are all your photos group photos?!?!
    Https:// is one off the shelf technique that dating apps use. - Source: Reddit / 2 months ago
  • AWS Lambda storage options
    Storing data in S3 has an additional benefit, given how well it integrates with other AWS services. For instance, you can use Amazon Athena to query your S3 data, or Amazon Rekognition to analyze it. Additionally you can use AWS Glue to perform extract, transform, and loan (ETL) operations. To create ad hoc visualizations and business analysis reports, Amazon QuickSight can connect to your S3 buckets and produce... - Source: / 2 months ago
  • Bearcam Companion: My First Lambda
    The first thing I wanted to automate was running the object detection machine learning models on every new image. In a previous post, I described how I accomplished this using Amazon Rekognition from the UI. In my most recent post, I described how I upload images to S3 and update the Images table. Now I want to use the Images table update to trigger a Lambda to run Rekognition on the image and save the object... - Source: / 3 months ago
  • AMster & the Brit's Code Corner
    When we think of AWS services, we tend to focus on using them from code we've deployed to the cloud. However, they can equally well be used from code running locally on our machines. In this segment, we look at how I use Amazon Rekognition to support tagging images in my photography hobby, so that I can upload them to stock galleries. I'm somewhat lazy, so leaning on a service to do the basic tagging for me is an... - Source: / 4 months ago
  • Analyzing images using the Twitter API v2 and AWS
    The Twitter API v2 lets you get Tweets with images programmatically. Many times, researchers want to study these images to better understand the conversation on a topic. An example use-case of researchers analyzing images is user's studying memes on Twitter. For this, they may want to identify objects in the image or extract text from these images (memes). In this tutorial (meant for academic researchers), I will... - Source: / 5 months ago
  • Bearcam Companion: GitHub, User Groups and Rekognition
    In my second blog of this series, I used the Amazon Rekognition demo page to find bears in my test images. Now I want to do this programmatically from the app. This is actually a two step process:. - Source: / 5 months ago

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2019 Examples to Compare OCR Services: Amazon Textract/Rekognition vs Google Vision vs Microsoft Cognitive Services
Pricing: Amazon Rekognition, Amazon Textract, Google, Microsoft. We don't really care which one you use, but Microsoft did best by our sample data. Textract was a very close second if you only need its headline feature: extracting text from digital documents. If someone wants to email bill -at- with comparable data for other images/services, I can try to work those into this post as time allows. 😎

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