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  1. Add Amazon's advanced image analysis to your applications.

    When we think of AWS services, we tend to focus on using them from code we've deployed to the cloud. However, they can equally well be used from code running locally on our machines. In this segment, we look at how I use Amazon Rekognition to support tagging images in my photography hobby, so that I can upload them to stock galleries. I'm somewhat lazy, so leaning on a service to do the basic tagging for me is an...
  2. Named for a parrot, Amazon Polly is a text-to-speech (TTS) software that makes your text come to life in a natural, authentic way. The software has many lifelike voices, both male and female, and in a variety of languages.

    In this final segment from the show, AM takes the demo hot seat to showcase a text-to-audio, audio-to-text sample he created, using Amazon Polly and Amazon Transcribe, that again uses the AWS SDKs to handle the work of calling services from your code (secretly, he loves C# and PowerShell...don't tell anyone).