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Bearcam Companion: My First Lambda

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  1. Add Amazon's advanced image analysis to your applications.

    The first thing I wanted to automate was running the object detection machine learning models on every new image. In a previous post, I described how I accomplished this using Amazon Rekognition from the UI. In my most recent post, I described how I upload images to S3 and update the Images table. Now I want to use the Images table update to trigger a Lambda to run Rekognition on the image and save the object...
  2. Automatic, event-driven compute service

    I have been making progress on the Bearcam Companion web application. I have implemented most of the main React frontend components with the associated Amplify backends. However, some of the functionality which I had implemented in the UI should really be automated. This calls for one of the staples of serverless, AWS Lambda.