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  1. Font Awesome makes it easy to add vector icons and social logos to your website. And version 5 is redesigned and built from the ground up!

    Am I the only one who hates the redesign of icons? about 9 days ago

    i'm pretty confident that Notion did not design these icons - it would, as you say, be a huge waste of their time, and also be very unnecessary. They most likely come from something like, or some other icon library - and they probably changed simply because they updated this library.
  2. Tool to build custom fonts with icons.

    Swap embeded SVGs in button component about 25 days ago

    You could create your own custom svg font with something like or one of the other million services out there to make a font with icons. This way you could just the character as a background or an actual character once added to webflow.
  3. Google Fonts now supports icons

    How to create an icon like this about 10 days ago

    You can go to Google Fonts Icons and select arrow and customize it according to your need.
  4. IcoFont is an icon font application that contains 2100+ icons in a single font. Download the font for free or build icons bundle and download custom build font.

    Embrace fall with Dracula Theme about over 1 year ago:

    It will assign a new font to the extension. Then you may use an icon font, such as Font Awesome, Icofont or icomoon (which also allows you to create your own!). You can then change the workspace names with dconf-editor with the characters from the font. PM me if you need any help :).
  5. Official open source SVG icon library for Bootstrap

    Iconhunt: Search 150.000 free and open source icons about 27 days ago:

    Generally, I've always just stuck with whatever was the recommended set of icons (and the way to use them) with whatever front end solution I might have been working with. For example, for Bootstrap, they have their own icon set: It's the same for something like PrimeVue, which sits on top of Vue: But at the same time it's really cool to be able to find...